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When In Manila listening to music doesn’t always mean that you need to plug it into a high tech speaker or expensive headphones. Sometimes you just want it to be louder than your mobile phone speakers and more often than not, you won’t really want to drag speakers along when going out of town or small house party. Loud Basstard is a simple solution to your sound amplification needs as it doesn’t need electricity and light enough to carry anywhere.

What is a Loud Basstard?


Loud Basstard is basically a piece of bamboo specifically designed to amplify sounds from your mobile phone. The design was created to produce the best sound amplification without distorting the sound too much. It was also hand made by craftsmen from Cebu; from cutting to sanding, to spray painting. Each piece is unique in texture and in shape as each bamboo stalk has a different story to tell.

Simplicity is key

The concept isn’t really a breakthrough, but it does take your phone speaker to another level and without electricity to boot. It is light and portable thus making it convenient to bring pretty much anywhere. It won’t break when it gets wet nor will having sand in it be an issue, this makes it a perfect beach speaker or in a round the table outdoor drinking session.  Simply put, you can use it anytime anywhere!

What the Loud Basstard is not


While the Loud Basstard is an overall good product, it’s not meant to replace real speakers in terms of sound amplification. It mainly relies on the speaker of your mobile device. That means that if your phone has crappy sound then you will get the same sound when used with the Loud Basstard, only louder. It is more of an alternative than a replacement to speakers and docks, so don’t throw away your speakers just yet.


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The Loud Basstard is a really cool product, and while it is not going to replace your speakers, it does have a lot of practical uses. Its overall design is nice enough to be a centrepiece on your coffee table and cool enough to show off to your friends on your next drinking session. It’s really cool how a simple bamboo can make the sounds on my mobile phone at least 5 times louder.  Its uniqueness makes it a must buy for beach bumming and audiophiles who keeps a collection of cool speakers. Nothing keeps you closer to nature than a bamboo made speaker.

Where to buy

Online Stores: my marquee, chicify, beanstalk, muni




Alabang – BUNGALOW 300

Resorts: Amorita Resort, Momo Beach House

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