Lose A Pound or Five with Lunchbox Diet


WHEN IN MANILA, staying fit and sexy is always a challenge with all the great tasting food tempting and luring you for every minute that passes by. See, I’m not a huge fan of vegetables. In fact, I was and will never be a fan of them. I consider myself more of a carnivore. I eat anything meaty and dread anything leafy.


While most people I know who were trying to lose a couple of pounds went down the vegetarian route, what’s a carnivore like me got to do? Well, thank God for Lunchbox Diet, a diet program that boasts of cooking your food the yummy but right way and delivers it to your doorstep everyday for a whole week. How cool is that?


Momsykins and I experienced the program for ourselves last week and we couldn’t be any happier! Here’s a peek to our healthy lunchboxes for the whole week, last week.






Breakfast: For breakfast, Lunchbox Diet prepared 2 corned beef pandesals with some of the freshest lettuce I have tasted.


Lunch: I loved the fish with mango salsa from Lunchbox Diet! It is still one of my favorites from whole week’s meal. Who knew dieting could still be this heavenly.


Snacks: Apple and Banana to keep the cravings for potato chips away.


Dinner: I like mushrooms but only on pizza please. But I must say, Lunchbox Diet’s mushrooms were actually pretty good!






Breakfast: I loved Lunchbox Diet’s egg sandwich with spinach! I’m no means a breakfast girl as I would rather use the five minutes to eat to blow dry my hair instead. But this sandwich from Lunchbox Diet made me want to sit down and savor my breakfast.


Lunch: Lunch was heavenly good again on the second day with chicken adobo flakes and red rice.


Snacks: I definitely enjoyed the raisin bread and tea for the snack. These healthy but yummy snacks from Lunchbox Diet definitely made me rethink my snack choices.


Dinner: I love love love pasta! And this tuna pasta from Lunchbox Diet is no exception!






Breakfast: I was ecstatic to wake up to Lunchbox Diet’s oatmeal and apple cinnamon for breakfast!


Lunch: Wednesday proved to be a challenging day for me due to some unfortunate circumstances. But that definitely did not stop me from enjoying this yummy lunch. I became a fan of broccolis as soon as I chewed on Lunchbox Diet’s!


Snacks: Melon is one of my all-time favorite fruit! So I was super happy to see a whole tub of it for snack!


Dinner: Chicken and bean sprouts for dinner!






Breakfast: Breakfast was amazingly good for the fourth time in a row. Who knew people undergoing a diet can have tocino, egg, and rice for breakfast and still lose a couple of pounds.


Lunch: I’m such a fan of paella so I was definitely excited for lunch. And Lunchbox Diet’s seafood paella did not disappoint.


Snacks: Banana muffin and tea again for snacks!


Dinner: Dinner proved to be a challenge for me. For a girl who doesn’t eat vegetables, I had to gobble up a whole sandwich with nothing but roasted vegetables inside. But this girl ain’t backing down. So gobble up the sandwich I did.






Breakfast: As usual, I enjoyed Lunchbox Diet’s tuna with rice for breakfast.


Lunch: Chicken with summer vegetables for lunch. I must say, I’m very impressed with the way Lunchbox Diet cooks their veggies. I actually finished all of them, this time with no drama at all.


Snacks: Fruit cup for snack time!


Dinner: Pork chop with string beans for dinner; a light yet satisfying way to wrap up the whole experience.


So When In Manila readers, if you’re trying to lose a couple of pounds or just want to start eating right, check out Lunchbox Diet for a week’s experience you don’t wanna miss WHEN IN MANILA!



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