LOOK: You’ll Want this Fancy Wine and Cheese Box for Your Next Party

Words by Gemma Casimsiman
Photos by Lexi Aguila

Whether it’s to celebrate something, or perhaps you just want to up the game and make your parties a little fancier than usual, here’s an easy option to do just that. You’ll need just three things: Wine, Cheese, and Nuts.

No need for a fancy dinner out, you can even simply be at the comforts of your own home with all your needs in one delicious box. Ever heard of Maison Cheese? If not, you are fortunate to come across this article.

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Maison Cheese specializes in…well…cheese. They cater small to big gatherings, which is truly a benefit for cheese lovers out there. Need a cheese platter? Done! Craving for a cheese tower? Their wish is your command.

But what stands out is their Maison Box. Remember when I mentioned it satisfies all your fancy party needs? The Maison Box contains a variety of cheeses—stinky cheese, round cheese, melted cheese, square cheese…you name it!

Fun fact? The stinkier the cheese, the better.

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Pair of all that good cheese with some crackers and pretzels the Maison Cheese box comes with. Pick one, dip it in, and let the flavors melt and dance on your tongue. Once you get your fill, down it with fine wine that you can also find in the box.

You can chew on some chocolate as well! Spoiler alert: they’re Maltesers. Look a little further and there’s also a galore of nuts, from almonds to pistachio. To top it all off, you can also find grapes to give all those salty and sweet flavors a balance.

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With this box, all you have to do is invite your friends over or just share it between you and your other half, while watching Netflix in bed.

Maison Cheese

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