Cheesecake Stix: The Startup that Serves Cheesecake… on a Stick!

Words by: Danelle Go / Photos by: Christian Haw and Cheesecake Stix

From cakes to pastries to ice cream, there’s no doubt that a good, sweet dessert is hard to resist! Whether you have a huge sweet tooth or are just looking for a new and adventurous treat after a meal, Cheesecake Stix is perfect for you.

This up-and-coming pop-up store highlights their best and main product, which (hence the name) are literally slices of cheesecake on a stick!

These things are absolutely to die for! Chilled New York style cheesecake–with all the dense cream cheesiness that comes with a cheesecake, coated in rich chocolate and sprinkled with an array of toppings and flavors, ranging from seasalt popcorn to almonds to Oreos to anything you can possibly think of. These cheesecake sticks are like the ultimate dessert, combining all the best sweet treats you dream of.

Originally, this unique dessert trended online because of the first conceptualized cheesecake sticks made by a food truck/pop-up in Toronto, Canada called Heirloom. International news outlets like Insider and Cosmopolitan featured this incredible product, which led the people behind Cheesecake Stix to want to share this creation with us Filipinos. Now, you don’t have to fly thousands of miles just to taste this sweet treat!

For Php180, you can enjoy a slice of this amazing, sweet, tasty dessert all to yourself. If you’re looking for a whole cake or want to bring it to a gathering, you can also order a 5” cake for Php450. Conversely, if you’re curious about the different flavors offered and want a little bit of everything, or if you’re a simple eater and just want a taste of a classic New York cheesecake, you can get a cake with assorted slices for Php750 (7”) or Php1,200 (9”).

If you’re wondering where you can grab a slice of this dessert, well, here’s the thing: they don’t have a physical store nor a singular location. HOWEVER, they do pop up at different food markets around the Metro, most recently at Eastwood Mall, and in various other locations. And best of all, they deliver! You can order from them online and have them deliver it to your location, or pick it up wherever they appear next.

Don’t miss your chance to taste this one-of-a-kind dessert treat!

Cheesecake Stix

0966 342 0442

Facebook: https://www.facebook.con/CheesecakeStix

Instagram: @CheesecakeStix


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