LOOK: You Will Need Two Hands to Carry this 1 Kilo MEGA Siopao

When you think about siopao, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the ones you can buy at convenience stores for a quick merienda. It’s a quick go-to snack after all, that’s become famous among Pinoys. 

But these siopaos from Antwe Crafted Meats are not your regular siopaos. These siopaos are HUGE. Before receiving them, I thought these “mega” siopaos would just be a little larger than the normal-sized ones. However, this siopao turned out to be much bigger than I imagined — they were as big as my hand!

mega siopao antwe crafted meats

1 kilo Mega Siopao, P160 per piece.

There were two different sizes of siopao I tried from Antwe Crafted Meats. The first was the Jumbo Siopao, which was roughly around the size of my hand. And then there’s the Mega Siopao, that indeed lived up to its name. At a whopping 1 kilo, the Mega Siopao is bigger than the Jumbo Siopao, and it’s bigger than my hand!

Just take note that the Mega Siopao is a special menu, and thus needs a three-day lead time when you place your order. Simply send Antwe a message if you want this massive siopao!

jumbo siopao antwe crafted meats

Jumbo Siopao | P380 for 4 pieces (Photo from Antwe Crafted Meats) |

The size of the siopao isn’t the only good thing about this delicious snack. It’s filled with a mix of pork, sausage, eggs, and more, making it the perfect snack to satisfy your hunger. What’s best about Antwe Crafted Meats’ siopao filling is that it’s preservative-free and chemical-free! Plus, all their meats are handcrafted, so you know you’re getting the best quality. 

Needless to say, these siopaos were delicious. One thing I like about these siopaos is how you can see the cut-up sausages and egg inside the buns, so you’re not wondering about what’s in your food. Since I’m a bit of a health-conscious eater, it was nice to know what was in the food that I was eating. 

antwe crafted meats siopao

Jumbo Siopao (Photo from Antwe Crafted Meats)

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Again, these siopaos are not your regular-sized siopaos. The Jumbo Siopao is the perfect if you’re feeling a big appetite, but on the other hand, the Mega Siopao is probably good for 2-3 people.

These siopaos are part of Antwe Crafted Meats’ “Oriental Favorites” line. Aside from siopao, they also have a variety of other dimsum delicacies you can enjoy like siomai and hakaw. You can visit their website or any of their social media pages to know more about their products. 

Antwe Crafted Meats


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