LOOK: You Can Now Get Samgyupsal Delivered To Your Home!

When one craves of Korean barbecue (or samgyupsal), it’s not a craving so easily satisfied. Simply because there are a lot of things to consider before getting that “samgyupsal fix”. Is it worth going through traffic? There’s probably going to be a bit of waiting time if there are others having the same cravings as you. Imagine going home and having to go through traffic again while in a food coma.

These are the questions and considerations that will probably make you re-think your cravings. Fortunately, innovative minds thought of addressing all these concerns while getting you that samgyupsal experience.

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Samgyup sa Bahay is a new delivery service that brings the whole Korean barbecue experience right to the comforts of your home! Yup, the whole samgyupsal experience.

Started just this February, Samgyup sa Bahay was the brainchild of 4 friends: Paolo Magsino, Janzen Magsino, Rogelio Ocampo, and Kim Lat. They share with WhenInManila.com that it really was just an idea they suddenly thought of after contemplating on starting a business for this year’s Valentine’s Day. And behold, they thought of bringing samgyupsal to their customers themselves.

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When I say “the whole samgyupsal experience”, it’s literally what it is. They don’t deliver just the cooked meat with lettuce and sauces. They actually bring grills to your home! Complete with tabletop stoves and gas cans. Don’t worry, they’ll be the one to set it up, and they’ll teach you how to use it safely.

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Samgyup sa Bahay brings you containers filled with pork and beef that are ready for grilling. Just fire up the grills and start cooking!

Aside from the meat, Samgyup sa Bahay also brings delicious sides for a tastier samgyupsal experience! These sides include kimchi, spicy tofu, sweet baby potatoes, cucumber, rice, and eggs! Believe me when I say every single one of their dishes was mouthwateringly good–especially the potatoes.

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Worried about the clean up after? Samgyup sa Bahay also provides for the complete utensils that you’ll need: from plates, food tongs, to chopsticks! It’s all there. No need to worry about who’s going to wash the dishes after having great food. Samgyup sa Bahay will do it for you!

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Aside from the complete set that they bring straight to your doorstep, their generous serving is also very remarkable! We already had our full for the night, yet we had meat leftover to last us for breakfast and lunch the next day. Their packages can generously feed more than the stated number of people.

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Their packages start at PHP 999 for 2 people, with their biggest package at PHP 2,999 for 8 people. It’s great for chill get-togethers with friends and family where you want good food. But it’s also great for those normal days when you just want samgyupsal at home.

Sagmyup sa Bahay charges no delivery fee, but they currently only cater to the Cavite area and some parts of Southern Manila. But don’t fret! They may be delivering to the whole Metro Manila in a few months!

For a full (and filling) samgyupsal experience without any of the hassle–and without even stepping out of your home–Samgyup sa Bahay is the answer!

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Samgyup sa Bahay

Currently delivering to Cavite and Southern Manila area


0997 218 4975 / 0947 200 1276