LOOK: You Can Now Cook Your Restaurant Favorites Even at Home!

These restaurants sell frozen versions of their bestselling dishes!

LOOK You Can Now Cook Your Restaurant Favorites Even at Home

Photos from Diane Go (IG: @friedandprejudice)

The Enhanced Community Quarantine may have prevented us from getting food from our favorite restaurants, but it also gives us reason to be creative in the kitchen. Because admittedly, there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with cooking your own food, especially if it’s restaurant-quality. And tasty too!

But if you’re new in the kitchen, you have nothing to be afraid of. Just recently, restaurants have been offering bulk sizes of their bestselling dishes, which you can take home and cook for yourself! And best of all, they’re already marinated. All you need to do is toss it in the pan! No need to dissect and figure out what ingredient goes in it. They’ve made it practically fool-proof!

Here are our latest discoveries:

7. Jollibee

Chickenjoy is a crowd favorite among people from all walks of life. There’s just something about that crispy, lightly salted skin and piping hot tender chicken that really gets to people.

But with the crowds and demand for Chickenjoy this quarantine, it can be hard to get your Jollibee favorites. Don’t worry. Now, you can actually get a bag of frozen marinated Chickenjoy (along with classics like their Beef Tapa and Tuna Pies) from in-store at Jollibee itself…


… or even in selected Robinsons Supermarket branches starting March 29 for just P199 per pack of Chickenjoy. Available for a limited time only, so hurry on over to your nearest branch!


The list of Robinsons Supermarket branches can be found here, while the list of Jollibee branches that sell bulk orders can be found here.

6. Amber’s

Don’t let the quarantine get in the way of your special milestones, especially when it’s your birthday. Amber’s now offers ready-to-cook versions of their famous Pork BBQ and Lumpiang Shanghai, which you can order for pickup or delivery by calling these hotlines: Metro Manila (8884-8888), Cavite (046-417-5555), or Laguna (049-535-5555). And yes, there is finally an option for Southies this time around!

Hurry and order while supplies last!


5. Mang Inasal

For those who want grilled chicken, then Chicken Inasal is your best bet. Chicken Inasal— especially one from Mang Inasal— is an Ilonggo dish that comes with a marinade mix of calamansi, pepper, coconut vinegar, and annatto (which gives it that characteristic orangy hue). The salty, sweet and slightly sour taste goes all the way down to the meat, giving you complex flavors. And did we mention how good it is with extra calamansi or even that indulgent chicken oil over tons of steaming white rice? Heavenly.

Now, you can recreate the Mang Inasal experience back home with their Ready-to-Cook choices. They offer their famous Chicken Inasal in various parts: thigh, wing, and drumstick. They even have a spicy variant too for those who like some heat!


Select branches in Mang Inasal offer this bulk option. Here’s their list of branches that are open for takeout and delivery amid the ongoing quarantine.

4. Fireside, Kettle, Meat Plus Café, and Tender Bob’s

Meat lovers rejoice! Even at a time like this, you can score US meats like Angus Ribeye and Sirloin from Fireside, and their sister companies Tender Bob’s, Kettle and Meat Plus. Yes, that’s thick, juicy slabs of beefy goodness that you can season with salt, pepper and some herbs for a straightforward dish. Or you can even jazz things up with a few rubs of your own. Now, all you need to do is fire up that grill, and you’ll have a feast in no time!

Not a beef eater? Not to worry! They even have Lamb and boneless Chicken in their arsenal of meats. And for beginner chefs or those who are too busy, they’ve got marinated pork chops that you just need to pan fry, quick and easy.


For deliveries, you can get the help of Grab, Lalamove, or Angkas. Contact them at 7218-3899 or 0917-834-5708 to place an order, and if your order goes over P3,000, you can even get free delivery!

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