LOOK: WWE Scouts Talent in the Philippines and in other South East Asia Countries

As previously reported, WWE Officials were spotted as audience members in PWR’s last show called PWR Live: Bagong Yugto.

A few days ago, WWE posted the video of their South East Asia tour, which included their visit to the Philippines. Check out the video from WWE.com here.

Notable PWR Superstars featured in the video include current PWR Champion John Sebastian, “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon, James “Idol” Martinez, and Crystal. In the video, Crystal had an interview about her experience and love for Professional Wrestling.

LOOK-WWE-scouts-talent-in-the-philippines-when-in-manila-crystalPWR’s Crystal (image from: WWE)

“I kinda wanted to be a wrestler since I was 4…I am always training and working hard so, you know that one day I can be a better wrestler.” – Crystal

WWE’s Canyon Ceman has this to say about Crystal, PWR, and the other South East Asian countries he visited:

LOOK-WWE-scouts-talent-in-the-philippines-when-in-manila-coverMr. Canyon Ceman (image from: WWE.com)

“Their unique backgrounds inform the type of Superstars they would become. And the diversity of their background allows our product to be more interesting than it could ever be without that diversity. So I’m proud of it. It just makes me wanna keep traveling teh world in search of unique qualities, unique athletic backgrounds. You know. Unique training styles. Unique ways of expressing themselves creatively” – Canyon Ceman

Who knows when WWE will drop by yet again in our country to scout more local Pro Wrestling talent? Only time will tell.

Are you a fan of Philippine Pro Wrestling? Who do you think will be part of the WWE in the near future from our local talents? Share your thoughts with us! 🙂


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