LOOK: This Woman Successfully Sent a Catcaller in Quezon City to Jail

Catcalling has been a prevalent issue in Manila for years now. So, when April Grace shared a post on Facebook about a successful battle against a catcaller, we couldn’t help but cheer along with her.

In her Facebook post, April shares how the catcalling incident began in the first place. Apparently, as she was playing with her dogs – in the premises of their area and while wearing decent clothes at that – some guy kept pestering her, saying things like “hello, beh”, and asking for her dogs’ names and even her cell phone number.

This eventually caused April to snap and confront the guy face to face. Apparently, the guy kept denying the accusations, claiming that he was merely talking to someone on the phone, even laughing at her and making her feel like she was crazy. The guy also claimed that he didn’t know about the anti-catcalling ordinance in Quezon City, thanks to which April was able to send this guy to jail.

After sharing this story, April reminds us that catcalling isn’t something trivial to merely brush away. Loosely translated, she says, “Ladies, it’s time to exercise our right to feel safe on our streets and the places we go to. Even if it’s hard and even if you might feel bad for talking about it, if we don’t start teaching catcallers a lesson, they will never learn.”

See her full post here:

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