3 Reasons Why Catcalling is Not Okay

If you walk the streets and commute on the daily basis, chances are, you have been cat-called.

I am writing this in line of all the viral posts from women all over the world who have been ‘harassed’ by men. Just last week, a Twitter poll went viral when Alexis Isabel of Feminist Culture asked questions like “How old were you when you were first catcalled?” and “Do you wish catcalling would stop?”

Catcalling can range from whistling or someone telling you “hi baby,” “hi sexy,” or something even as simple as “hi te.” Some of the worst I’ve ever gotten was “hatid na kita sa bahay” and “shet chicks p*ta.” But what many don’t know is that catcalling can be a form of sexual harassment you can report and can result to arrest.

Many will say that it is in the way a woman dresses but, really, it doesn’t. Even women in shorts, pants, t-shirts, or long sleeves get cat-called. No matter how covered they are or how little skin they show, many still get cat-called.

3. It is rude


Remember the saying “Don’t Talk to Strangers”? Many of us still live by this. So random guys’ unwelcome remarks when ladies are simply passing by are just plain rude.

2. It is threatening


Many women get scared when strangers approach them. Which is totally justified because, as proven by the stories we read online, catcalling can sometimes lead to inappropriate touching.

1. Women are not meant to be objectified


At this day and age, objectifying women should be dead. Objectifying anyone should be out of the picture.

What is your worst experience in being cat-called? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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