Man Touches & Gropes this UP Student in a Mall and Follows her Around!


First of all, this will infuriate women reading this. Not just because it is basically sexual harassment in public but just the fact that this man thought he could get away with it and he thinks IT IS OK TO TOUCH WOMEN WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.

Jill was on her way to the mall. She’s used of cat-calling and anyone staring at her especially while walking on the streets going to her destination but she has never experienced someone literally touching her.

A man was following her in the mall, she thought that it was coincidental and tried to window shop for a bit to lose him, still he was following her until he touched her bottom and kept following her again.

Here is her story:

Sa araw-araw na paglakad ko from UP to rob, i get stared at in lecherous ways, i get cat-called a lot, and the polite foreigners even ask me out on dates hayz???? BUT, NO ONE HAS EVER DARED TO TOUCH ME, EXCEPT TODAY. While walking alone sa second floor habang naghihintay ng sundo, this guy walking in front of me looked back to stare at me several times so i gave him an angry glare. I decided to enter some shops para lumayo siya, so i took a fair amount of time window shopping in different stores. Pero to my surprise, natatanaw ko parin siya around the area paglabas ko, and as i decided to enter another store, he briefly passed me and HE TOUCHED MY “BEHIND”. I was startled, dumbfounded and angry all at the same time, since i dont swear, all i could blurt out was “ang kapal ng mukha mo ah!”, kahit pa sobrang mas malala pa dun ang gusto long sabihin sa kanya. He walked straight ahead so fast na hindi ko na siya nahabol pa. About a minute passed and as i was walking, fuming with rage and feeling a plethora of mixed emotions, behold paglingon ko, HE WAS STILL FOLLOWING ME. And so i quickly got my phone, shouted, “ang kapal rin ng mukha mong sundan pako ah!”, di ko na kinaya so I APPROACHED HIM, AND TOOK PHOTOGRAPHS OF HIM. he was hiding his face from me kasi hiyang hiya siya and he quickly walked passed me papuntang escalator. I followed him at dun ko na siya talagang tinadtad ng mga picture. People seemed freaked out as they looked on, so i said loudly, “pasensya na po, pinpipicturan ko lang yung lalakeng binastos ako.” I didnt dare follow him down the escalator na kasi i was shaken to see him again, so soon and this time so up close and face to face pa. Everything happened so fast. I decided na tumambay nlng sa may balcony kasi dun nakatayo mga guards. And then i found myself crying. Di ko maintindihan bakit ako umiiyak. Di ako iyakin. i couldnt understand, this isnt me. Anu ba, napahiya bako? Galit bako? Malungkot bako? Takot bako? I just felt so helpless and I couldnt understand wat i was feeling but i couldnt stop crying either, kahit ano pang pigil ko. I like being around my friends but ive always loved having time for myself, pero dahil sa nangyari, i dont think makakabalik pako sa rob ulit nang magisa. That bastard made me realize na no matter how conservative i am, no matter how little skin i show, kahit pa maluwag ako manamit, mababastos ako ng mga bastos na lalaki and as a woman, all i could do is try to avoid it kasi sadyang hindi safe ang mundo.

I was sobbing alone, angry beyond words, tulala and mentally cursing him and every guy who ever disrespected me and other women. I hate him so much for making me feel bad for myself, pero tapos na eh, nagawa na, nangyari na. 

Pero di ako naniniwalang wala akong nagawa. I have his pic, i posted it and i will have it printed. I will give out copies sa rob guards, and my family and i will talk to the branch’s manager. DI KO PALALAMPASIN TO. DI NA MAKAKABALIK PA SA ROB ANG PAGMUMUKHANG YON. Ipapablatter ko siyang hayop siya. I will do my best to at least have him imprisoned, kahit pa for 6 months lang. Mahuli man siya o hindi, it brings me joy na nakaganti ako kahit papano. Nung hinabol ko siya to take a pic of him, fear and panic was written all over his face, just like mine when he “touched” me. Kung nasan ka man, whether we get u or not, nobody should ever get away sa pambabastos. Diyos na ang bahala sayo at sa lahat ng bastos at manyakis sa mundo. I have so much hate for u bastards. Sanay ako sa yelling back when i get cat called pero ngayon na talagang nahawakan nako ng ganito, and i only hate u all the more. I WONT EVER LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME AGAIN. I only hope di na ito maulit pa, whether sa akin or sa kahit kanino pa. God bless us, may we all stay safe.

What can you do if you are physically harassed?

  • First thing to remember is your safety so leave as soon as possible.
  • Most people say to make a scene and to call out the person who did it.
  • Document the perpetrator
  • If you are in a mall or restaurant you may call the attention of the security guards
  • If you are somewhere else like the train, bus or anywhere else you can report this person to the police

What would YOU do if this happened to you? Share your thoughts!