LOOK! Tom Holland couldn’t contain his excitement when Emma Watson passed by him!

While watching the Wimbledon finals last Sunday, Tom Holland and his father seemed to get excited when Hermione Granger herself passed in front of them and then proceeded to take the seat in front of theirs!

His eyes are focused, lips tight, but you can see how excited he is. Same, Tom. Same. I would’ve reacted the exact same way. What a cutie!

Check out his reaction below:

Beside Watson was her Beauty and the Beast co-star Luke Evans (who played Gaston) and he even snapped a photo of them all to post on his Instagram! He even captioned it with: “Belle, Gaston and SpiderMan walk into the men’s tennis finals match…” LOL! Adorable!


That’s an interesting mix! Maybe Beauty and the Beast can be part of the next Spiderman film! LOL!

Would you react the same way Tom did?

Let us know!