LOOK: This Restaurant Offers Complete Chinese Meals for Less Than Php200!

You can never have too much Chinese food. Or at least I think so.

I’ve gone through 3 straight days of that stuff—from spicy Szechuan fare to unlimited dim sum, and even the more familiar Cantonese cuisine, and believe me, I wasn’t sick of Chinese food at all.

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In partnership with Lipton, Super Bowl of China’s latest promo features their Super Solo Meals, which now come with a refreshing glass of Lipton Red Iced Tea— each meal worth less than P200! Now that sounds like a great deal!

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Look at all that food!


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That’s right—you have 10 different combinations of rice toppings, noodles, and noodle soup dishes to choose from in this promo, which means you can have something new every day!

Rice Meals

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (P160)

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Perfect for pescatarians, the Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet features breaded fish fillet cooked together with pineapples, red and green peppers and onions in a classic sticky red sauce. Taste-wise, you get flaky soft bites of fish in a sweet and sour sauce with the perfect steamed white rice to go with it!

Super Bowl Lemon Chicken (P150)

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Now, this is something I can eat time and time again. This dish is made up of deep-fried breaded chicken fillet, cut into strips for easy eating, atop a bed of warm white rice. A bowl of sticky sweet lemon sauce is served on the side to complete the meal. You can be demure and dip the strip after every bite or go wild like me and just pour everything in!

Braised Beef Brisket (P190)

Superbowl of China 16

One of the more filling options on the menu is the Braised Beef Brisket. It is put together with tender chunks of beef that’s cooked together with cabbage and Baguio beans in the oyster sauce until the meat is nice and tender.

Beef with Broccoli (P180)

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What sets this dish apart from the Beef Brisket is the kind of meat used, along with the variety of veggies that go in it. Here, the large chunks of beef get replaced with thin slices of tenderloin, and you get fresh flowers of broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, and carrots simmered together with oyster sauce for that rich salty flavors. If you’re looking for more veggies to go with your meat, we highly recommend this one.

Sweet and Sour Pork (P180)

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Trust me when I say that almost every Chinese kid (adult, even!) loves the taste of Sweet and Sour Pork, which is why it’s a must-have in every meal. And when you try this, you will love it too! Tender bites of pork, along with chunks of pineapple, onions, and peppers come alive with the bright and gooey sweet and sour sauce that generously coat each and every morsel. It’s a great dish to celebrate the year of the pig!

Fish Fillet with Taosi (P160)

Superbowl of China 23

In this dish, you get breaded fish fillet, a mix of peppers and onions—all of which are cooked in a salty black bean sauce that generously coats each and every bite. Much like its sweet counterpart, the fish is flaky and tender when you bite into it.



Solo Birthday Noodles (P180)

Superbowl of China 11

Another favorite of mine, this is a quintessential choice in every Chinese meal, especially during birthdays, anniversaries or even for the New Year’s. Symbolizing happiness and longevity, these canton noodles come together with a mix of mushrooms, seafood like shrimp and cuttlefish, bites of pork asado, and a medley of veggies—all of which are cooked together in a soy sauce base, accentuated with aromatic sesame oil. And let’s not forget the bright orange quail eggs on top—they’re the piece de resistance to the whole thing.

Asado Noodle Soup (P150)

Superbowl of China 20

If you want something hearty, much like home, I recommend trying the Asado Noodle Soup. Hong Kong-style noodles come in a clear broth that is paired with crunchy Taiwan pechay and slices of sweet and salty barbecue pork asado for that bite of meaty goodness. One of my favorites this is perfect for warming you up nicely.

Wonton Noodle Soup (P150)

Superbowl of China 21

Another addition to the roster of soupy dishes, the Wonton Noodle Soup is something to go for if you’re craving shrimp. You get the same combination of Hong Kong-style noodles, clear soup, and Taiwan Pechay, but this time, the viand is a shrimp dumpling soaking in the soup for extra flavor. It’s classic comfort food that never gets old.

Braised Beef Brisket Noodle Soup (P160)

Superbowl of China 17

Meat-eaters will be happy with this option since it showcases chunks of beef to go with their noodle, soup and veggie combo. But what makes this even better is that the beef flavors seep into the broth for added richness. Feel free to slurp up all that beefy goodness—no one’s judging you.

From January 14 to March 29, 2019, you can match your Super Solo Meal with a dim sum dish of your choice—all for P249! And yes, you still get that cool glass of Lipton Red Iced Tea with your meal too!

You can choose from 5 of their meals: Sweet and Sour Pork, Beef with Broccoli, Birthday Noodles, Braised Beef Brisket Noodle Soup, and their Fish Fillet with Taosi. As for their dim sum, you can try the filling Pork Asado Siopao that comes with bits of barbecued pork in a sweet and salty red sauce:

Superbowl of China 24

Or the crunchy Deep-fried Shrimp Wonton that’s bursting with flavor!

Superbowl of China 29

You can even choose their classic Pork Siomai or their Steamed Pork Ribs with Taosi that’s slightly spicy and oh-so-meaty.

Whatever combination you choose, you’ll leave the Super Bowl of China feeling full and satisfied. Guaranteed.

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