LOOK: This Masters Graduate Officially “Breaks Up” With His Thesis Through A Photo Shoot

You’ve heard of pre-nup photo shoots, maternity photo shoots, and even post-breakup photo shoots. Now, get ready for a photo shoot with your thesis!

We all have our own ways of celebrating finishing our theses. of course, it should be celebrated. That’s the result of months–and even years–of hard work!

Masters graduate Paul Regonia celebrated his thesis by doing a “break-up” photo shoot with it! He even adds a break-up love letter dedicated to it.

The results are hilarious. Take a look at some of his pictures:

thesis photo shoot 1Photo from Paul Regonia

Naaalala ko pa noong una kitang nakilala.
Sabik na sabik akong alamin ang lahat patungkol sa’yo.

thesis photo shoot 4Photo from Paul Regonia

Marami rin tayong pinagdaanan.
Mahaba-haba rin ang nilakbay nating dalawa.
Mas mahaba pa nga sa inaakala ko. (hahaha)

thesis photo shoot 5Photo from Paul Regonia

Natutunan kong mangarap, kahit na ang langit ay makulimlim.

thesis photo shoot 6Photo from Paul Regonia

Dahil sa’yo, mas nakilala ko pa ang sarili ko:
Kung hanggang saan ang kaya ko, at kung paano ko malalagpasan ang kakayanan ko.

thesis photo shoot 7Photo from Paul Regonia

Sa huling sandali, samahan mo akong tanawin ang sariwang bukas.

Paul shares that the photo shoot perfectly encapsulates the experience of his thesis which, instead of finishing it in a year, ended up lasting four long years. He shares with WhenInManila.com that this was his way of having “real closure” with his thesis after an “anticlimactic” thesis defense.

I think my “relationship” with my thesis is the longest relationship I’ve been to date.

While it was a really long journey of finishing his thesis, Paul says that it was all worth it in the end.

In the beginning, I had this grand vision of doing something world-changing for my masters thesis. And so it was really disappointing when I had to cut off some parts from my original study because of my own limitations. But then I realized that it’s okay if I don’t get to impact the whole world. Doing my thesis for all those years has changed me (at the least), and that’s something I would never regret.

He explains that his thesis revolved around determining whether students are experiencing information overload through a head device that monitors their brain signals. And I think that’s just as cool as any “world-changing” thesis.

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Paul hopes that this photo shoot project, which he did with Edrich Hans Chua (photography) and Shara Mae Maling (styling), will  help people see that doing their thesis is like committing into a relationship and requires “time, patience, passion, and some more patience, for it to develop beautifully.”

And as I’ve written in the narrative, we don’t always need to know everything about our thesis. Sometimes, just knowing why we are doing will be enough to keep us moving forward.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Happy thesis-ing, fellow students!

Check out the full album here:

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