LOOK: This Man Built an Iron Man Suit that Can Fly!

I’m not gonna lie that I badly wanted to live the life of my favorite superheroes when I was a kid. Who doesn’t? Imagine driving a Batmobile or wielding Mjölnir. That’s the ultimate dream of many superhero fans.

If Iron Man is your favorite Avenger, then you’ll be excited to know that there exists a suit that’s just like his. Does it fly too? Yes! Is it also bulletproof? Yes! How cool is that?

Adam Savage, the former co-host of Mythbusters, put his skills to the test once again by inventing every Marvel geek’s dream–a real-life Iron Man suit. Savage, together with his team, used 3D printing and other technologies to create the suit.

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You can watch him talk about the suit in the video below.

In the first few minutes, Adam shares to us that if only Tony Stark were real, this is how he would precisely construct his Iron Man suit. He also showed a quick demo of how the suit works.

It seems like the former Mythbusters co-host still has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. If you’re starting to miss the show, then it’s a good thing that its former co-host decided to start a new alternative series where you can quench your thirst for scientific knowledge. Savage’s new series called Savage Builds shows how he collaborates with experts in order to create his most exciting projects. We’re hoping that we’ll see a Falcon X next time *fingers crossed*.

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