LOOK: This Local Brand Collaborated with the Manila City Jail for their Fashionable Products

Style Cat’s goal is to find diverse communities to tap local artisans with hopes of connecting them to a wider market – meet our newest community oozing with creativity: Manila City Jail. In the visitor’s area of Manila City Jail, you’ll see a cabinet of products with a sign “Bili Mo, Tulong Mo.” Behind the glass is a selection of beaded vases, bears and small pouches.

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The jail facility continuously makes livelihood programs for their community of Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL’s) who are finding ways to produce income while inside the facility.

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The partnership was months in the works – from sampling to design execution. Style Cat has partnered up and received full support from the Welfare and Development Section of Manila City Jail – Male Dormitory to bring you these beautiful handmade wooden bags. It was difficult at the beginning because we had to tweak their products (from bears & vases) and inject a modern fashion context to make trendy bags.

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Each bag is creatively beaded by its Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) to showcase their talent and at the same time, empowering them and making them part of the supply chain. This livelihood partnership aims to promote the skills and creativity of the Manila City Jail community – one bag at a time. We expanded their product range and the talented artisans now produce trendy beaded bags with striking patterns in lively colors. Their products start at Php999 and available on www.shopstylecat.com.