LOOK: This is What Disney Movies Would Look Like if they Were Set in 2017

If Disney movies were set in today’s world, how different would they be?

Turns out, a lot, lot different. Tigger and Simba would be in a circus, Dumbo’s tusks would be in a trade, Peter Pan would be warded off from the Darlings’ nursery window by CCTV cameras, and Ariel would be swimming in a trash-filled ocean.

At least, this is how artist Tom Ward imagined it would be.

In this “what if” situation, the graphic artist and illustration created a series that imagines Disney movies if they were set today, amidst all the environmental and societal issues the world is currently facing. In an interview with Mashable.com, the artist shared: “Disney characters are so iconic that I thought transporting them to our modern world could help us see it through new eyes, giving me an opportunity to communicate some issues I feel strongly about. e.g. circus animals, pollution and the ivory trade, using friendly and familiar visuals with a darker tone.

Take a look at his illustrations here:










For more of Ton Ward’s works, check him out on Instagram and Facebook at @tomwardstudio

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