LOOK: This is what a grazing table is and, yes, it’s glorious!

Words by Kathlene Masilongan
Photos by Vivien del Valle

When I asked my friends (and strangers on the internet) if they knew what a grazing table was, they all answered with a resounding no. I even had a poll and everything! You probably clicked on this article because you weren’t completely sure about the concept of it either. Well, let me tell you right now that it a) has something to do with food, and b) is glorious to look at.

The concept of a grazing table has been making its rounds for quite a while now but hasn’t really been getting that much attention outside of the food scene. To make the long story short, a grazing table is a styled table filled with delicious food. It’s often created for gatherings, parties, and even big events like weddings!

The Table Spread Co 3

A Grazing Table by The Table Spread Co.

Now, they may look grand and like they can burn a hole in your pocket, but they don’t have to. The Table Spread Co. offers beautiful grazing tables with prices starting at Php35,000 and that’s already set to feed a hundred people!

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The Table Spread Co. was founded in 2015 by Cherry Angara. Her passion for styling food and entertaining guests made the small company (there are only four staff members!) what it is today. While it might seem like a lot of work, Cherry actually does all the setting up and styling herself, so you know your parties would always have that personal touch.

The Table Spread Co 4

The Table Spread Co

The Table Spread Co 2

Not only is the food good-looking but the company makes sure that they taste amazing too. Their spreads often have assortments of bread, multiple kinds of cheese and meats, cocktail sausages and olives, a selection of pastries and sweet treats, and so much more that I can’t list down because there’s just a lot. If you have any special requests or want to tweak small things in the menu, you can coordinate with the company and they’ll gladly work it out with you.

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Have a bigger event planned? The Table Spread Co. says they’ve catered to a party that had an attendance of 700 people before! Now that’s impressive for a company of four.

The Table Spread Co 6

The Table Spread Co 5

Some of the other services The Table Spread Co. offers are grazing boxes (imagine a condensed grazing table), wine stations, cold drinks stations, pasta stations, a donut wall (I know!), and a mobile bar.

What are your thoughts on grazing tables? Would you get one for your next party?

The Table Spread Co.

125 A K-2nd St., Kamuning, Quezon City