LOOK: 5 of the Cutest, Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes We’ve Ever Seen

Words by Camille Geguera 

Aside from the blushing bride and the dashing groom, one of the highlights of the wedding is the wedding cake. Gone are the days of the classic 5-layered white chiffon cake. Couples now go for the tailored cakes which highlight the qualities the two of them share. Some wedding cakes are so unique, the couples themselves were the ones who designed it. Yup, customized wedding cakes!

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 Here are 5 of the cutest, non-traditional wedding cakes that got our attention:

5. When you still want the classic white cake, but should feel more like you and your new hubby!




4. This cake that can count as your “something blue”. Who says wedding cakes have to be all-white???

IMG 0105 1

3. This cake that is perfect for the adventurous couple

IMG 0164 1 1


2. Another cake that debunks the theory that opting not to go with the classic is a bad idea. Look how cute!

IMG 0002 1


1. This cake with layers that represent different stages of the couple’s journey. Probably one of the purest cakes out there that will make you go, “Aww”. 

IMG 0041 1 


Looking for a wedding cake that will surely capture the heart of your relationship with your SO and the “wow” of your guests? Hearts and Bells customizes cakes for any occasion. You may also request and submit your own cake design—which can easily be done online.

Wedding confections that taste as good as it looks should be the new vow to weddings!

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