These 22 Pinoy Instagram Food Accounts Will Make You DROOL

It’s no secret that we Pinoys love our food. Taking photos of our food and posting it on social media for all our friends and family to see? We love that even more!

We have turned to social media now more than ever to keep tabs on the new restaurants to look out for, and all the yummy eats we can try around the metro! Unsurprisingly, then, that tons of Instagram food accounts, all run by Filipino foodies, have quickly risen to fame on the app.

We have here an unranked, incomplete list of Pinoy foodie IG accounts that will just make you drool and crave for whatever it is you’re craving. Gooey cheese? Dripping egg yolk? We are so there.


Cuter than an Instagram couple account is an Instagram couple food account. Mark and Bianca, who call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Eats, are behind this stunning food account, documenting the food they explore on their travels, along with their adorable daughter Sabine.

Instagram account: @eatsplorations



We’ve always loved the Bald Baker, aka Cy Ynares’ flair for aesthetic, with his well-thought out styling. Check out his yummy baked goods like the bespoke banana bread and rich, chewy craft cookies, which you can order from him!

Instagram account: @thebaldbakerph



As Instagram’s Pambansang Foodie Beshie, yourfoodtographer serves up lip-smacking food photos and witty commentary. You’ll definitely be entertained reading the captions alone!

Instagram account: @yourfoodtographer


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If you want to know all about the hottest eats in the Metro, check out @wimyummy on Instagram. @wimyummy or When In Manila Food is’s food wing, which features just some of the best dishes the WIM team has come across.

Instagram account: @wimyummy


We love food accounts with established aesthetics. Forkspoonmanila, a community account, has nailed the overhead and group food shots and they just look so drool-worthy.

Instagram account: @forkspoonmanila



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Nathaniel Uy is a chef, business owner, and fitness enthusiast, whose food adventures you can check on his Instagram page. While the dishes his feature vary from healthy to indulgent, some of our favorite food photos include mouthwatering meats!

Instagram account: @thehungrychef


A coffee shop owner-turned-food blogger, Richard Co, aka talesfromthetummy, has an Instagram aesthetic that would make any millennial green with envy. We love how he puts care not just in every individual photo, but to the overall coherence of his feed.

Instagram: @talesfromthetummy


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When it comes to food blogging, the camera eats first. Leslie, who is behind @shootfirsteatlater, is one of the OG food bloggers, and we’ve consistently relied on her honest food reviews and gorgeous photos!

Instagram account: @shootfirsteatlater


A post shared by Manila Eat Up (@manilaeatup) on

We love manilaeatup’s bright feed, which reminds us of brunch time, lunch dates, and all good things about food. The aesthetic just makes you want to exclaim, “It’s eating time!”

Instagram account: @manilaeatup


A post shared by Jin Perez (@jinlovestoeat) on

We’ve been following Jin since 2010, and her food travels around the world have always been #goals, honestly. Whether it’s a new food haunt in Manila or a foreign delicacy halfway around the world, we’re always looking forward to Jin’s new adventures!

Instagram account: @jinlovestoeat


A post shared by What To Eat PH (@whattoeatph) on

Out of the community food accounts, @whattoeatph is one of those we enjoy following. They do keep tabs on what Pinoys are eating, showcasing Pinoy food at its best and yummiest.

Instagram account: @whattoeatph


What’s great about the Foodie Station is that they can feature and appreciate all kinds of food — from simple, homemade eats and beloved Pinoy fare, to fancy dishes from established restaurants. Regardless of whatever they’re shooting, everything just looks so good!

Instagram account: @thefoodiestation


The food account @foodiewhereabouts has a hip, millennial-esque aesthetic, with a feed that seems to have worked that VSCO magic. If you’re looking for hot, up-and-coming restaurants where the young and cool are dining at, check them out.

Instagram account: @foodiewhereabouts


Neil, who is behind the account @spoonsaroundtheworld, seems to have mastered those food porn-y shots that make food blogging so wonderful and crave-inducing, like the dripping of sauce, the oozing of egg yolk, and the awesome cheese pull. Give us s’more, please!

Instagram account: @spoonsaroundtheworld


A post shared by Angelo (@fooddudeph) on

If you’re looking for an authority on food, look no further than @fooddudeph, Angelo Comsti. He’s miles above the average foodie: a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Institute, Angelo is also a cookbook author and a professional food writer. Oh, and it helps that he’s got Instagram-worthy photos too.

Instagram account: @fooddudeph


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Flat lays are all the rage on Instagram, and John Bunag completely slays them, presenting visual feasts fit for royalty. Check out his Instagram page for more.

Instagram account: @johnbunag


A post shared by @nielgq on

Once you visit @nielgq’s Instagram page, you’re immediately greeted with this disclaimer: “Not a critic. Not a foodie. Not a blogger. Not an influencer. I just eat out a lot.” That may be the case, yet his glorious photos don’t stop fans from double tapping!

Instagram account: @nielgq


A post shared by The GourManila (@gourmanila) on

Jerrod Santos, the guy behind @gourmanila, seems to go the extra mile with his popular food account. We love that he often involves some sort of human interaction with the food, making his photos come alive.

Instagram account: @gourmanila


If it’s picturesque desserts you want, it’s jaw-dropping macarons and pastries you’ll get with Lori Baltazar’s account, @dessertcomes1st. She’s since expanded to include other kinds of food, but our heart still beats still at the sight of luscious baked goods.

Instagram account: @dessertcomes1st


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Bright and symmetrical, you’ll like @cornerandabove if you’re into neat and well-lighted things. Their feed is so easy on the eyes.

Instagram account: @cornerandabove


If we could rate @thefoodadvenchers’ account, it would be an A+. Bee and Jovie, teachers-turned-food bloggers have great photos on their website, accompanied with helpful and authentic reviews.

Instagram account: @thefoodadvenchers

This food community with about 18.5k followers features anything and everything Pinoy gourmands love. Check out this awesome s’mores photo that looks just as good as a work of art.

Instagram account:


That wraps up just some of our favorite local food microbloggers on Instagram! Which account would you have loved to see on the list? Let us know in the comments!