LOOK: This is the Philippines’ First Virtual Model and she is Stunning!!


In the quest for ultimate cool, there is a new area of influencers rocking the industry. Shudu gram, Imma gram, Rozy gram, and Bernila gram, are digitally created, ultra-realistic models taking the fashion world by storm.

They are new digital and fashion phenomena. From Prada to Gucci and Versace all collaborating with virtual humans. So here is the good news. We are introducing the Philippines’ first virtual model Bernila.

Besides technology advancements, they created over 100 faces making her face not only more realistic but also more detailed. They considered every detail of her appearance as an influencer. Her face structure is one of a kind and full-face feature created for the Philippine people’s most liked facial future.

Have you seen Bernila on your favorite creators pages? Time to follow her too!