LOOK: This is the New 20 Peso Coin

In the earlier days, the 5peso and 10peso money are in the form of paper bills. After years, it was transformed into coins. Now, the 20peso banknote is getting a makeover at it is transformed into a coin.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas had announced that the production of coins are more cost-efficient as it is in circulation for a longer time. According to a study of the University of the Philippines, the 20peso banknote is the most used denomination making it prone to damages which results in the return to the BSP for replacement.

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The new coin will still have Manuel L. Quezon on it and the reverse side will feature the BSP logo and the Malacañan Palace.

It will also feature the Nilad- a star-shaped flower that was said to be seen along the banks of the Pasig River where the Malacañan Palace is in earlier times.

The coin will also feature micro prints that will help in identifying legitimate money to counterfeit.

What do you think of the new 20peso coin?