LOOK: This is the First Filipino-Designed VANS

The long wait is finally over! Vans Philippines is very proud to announce the release of the first-ever Filipino designed Vans by John Nikko Pelaez, Vans Asia Custom Culture 2018 Grand Winner, this November 15, 2019.

Taking inspiration from the Greek mythology, Nikko showcases in his artwork god-like characters casting down fire and brimstone onto humanity. But upon further appreciation of the artist’s work, the message is clear – it shows us that we are our own gods, masters of our own destiny, skaters who choose their own path to life. Our own rules, our own style.


“Along With The Gods” emerged as the winning design in the Vans Asia Custom Culture 2018 campaign where Nikko bested over 10,000 submissions across Asia.

Nikko’s powerful, striking, and thought-provoking depiction of authentic self-realization is truly a work of art on the canvas of the Classic Slip-On.

A graduate from UE’s College of Fine Arts with a degree in Architecture and Design, Nikko, discovered his passion for the arts from his early childhood and from there he continued to harness and develop his craft.

“I really feel blessed and overwhelmed at the same time because my design was brought to life by VANS. And the thought that it is VANS that made this happen makes it even more exciting.”Nikko shares.

The limited edition “Along With The Gods” by John Nikko Pelaez will be available at selected Vans Concept Stores starting November 15, 2019.


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