LOOK: This Guy Proves That Ukay-Ukay Finds Make Awesome OOTDs!

If you always find yourself drowning in new clothes and yet, short in savings, you should definitely learn a thing or two from this guy named Rich Ford Dela Paz Jr.

Well, just recently, Rich burst our bubble by proving that you don’t have to spend much on clothes in order to look good. He did so by uploading ten sets of OOTDs wearing nothing but his outfit hauls from thrift shops. And damn, he looks good. Check out our favorites below.

Ukay ukay OOTD

Ukay ukay OOTD

Ukay ukay OOTD

Ukay ukay OOTD


Ukay ukay OOTD

And guess what? His outfits only range from around 55 to 200 pesos. I mean, even if a regular fashion brand goes on sale at around 70% off, nothing compares to the deals you get from ukay-ukay.

That being said, here are five reasons why you should try thrift shopping too!

5. The clothes are not as mainstream as the ones in malls.

Truth be told: It sucks to see someone wearing the same clothes you have. But hey, when you shop from ukay-ukay, you only get unique finds!

4. One word: Vintage!

Aside from one-of-a-kind clothes, thrift shops also have a bunch of old school styles that are no longer in the market.

3. Ukay-ukay is the hub of designer brands.

Yup, you name it, they have it. Not to mention, designer brands for less!

2. You get to save the environment.

Textile waste is a serious environmental issue.

With ultra fast fashion brands mass-producing clothes every week, we’ll run out of lands to use before we run out of clothes to wear.

1. You can save A LOT of money!

Last but not the least, you won’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on fashion trends that will most likely fade in a month or two. In thrift shops, one brand new dress is equal to around 5 to 10 dresses depending on how good your eyes and haggling skills are.

So yup, that 800-peso-dress might not be so cheap after all.

Do you also thrift shop? Share your ukay-ukay tips in the comments!