LOOK: This Guy Cooks for His Cats

And those cats sure are living the life!

We’re no stranger to cat videos on Youtube. In fact, a lot of them go viral for all the right reasons. Whether it involves cats in predicaments, cats being cute or cats just being goofy (complete with that earworm of a song and a trailing rainbow), the internet is filled with tons of material involving these furry little creatures.

A new concept, however, is cooking with cats. And it exists!

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Lunch Time 🙂

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Husband and wife tag team Jun Yoshizuki and Rachel run the Youtube channel JunsKitchen. While their other Youtube channels focus on their day to day lives in Japan, JunsKitchen specializes in basic cooking tutorials— set with the premise of a soothing atmosphere. The channels star three housecats— Kohaku, Poki, and Nagi—  who watch as their owner Jun works in his kitchen.

And you can really see how it has become such a hit with fans. With over 4.5 million subscribers to date, each and every one of their videos have more than a million views, with the most popular one having more than 45 million views. The video in question? A tutorial on polishing a rusty knife.

Inspired by restaurants that offer a spot where patrons can see the chefs preparing their food, Jun created a series of videos where he would prepare cat-safe food for his cats. Two years ago, his video of preparing sushi for Kohaku, Poki and Nagi reached over 18 million views, spurring him to create more.

On March 2, Jun uploaded a video where he was seen preparing a Japanese meal for his cats. Using bonito (fish) flakes, homemade tofu and chicken breast, along with other cat-friendly ingredients like dried sardines and silvervine, he made his version of Miso soup while Poki (the black and white cat) and Nagi (the orange cat) looked on. He then created “rice” using the chicken breast, a fish-shaped “fish” with a combination of ground radish and fish meat to complete the meal. After plating the bento meal, the video ends with the cats eating hungrily, with Kohaku eventually joining in the fray.

To date, the video has over a million views, with most fans commenting on how Poki has strangely behaved all throughout. Watch the video below:

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