LOOK: This Girl Just Gave The Biggest F* You To Body Shamers

In the Philippines, the culture of body shaming is rampant. Society’s  preconceived notion on what bodies should look like and how we should weigh are so ingrained in our culture that sometimes we don’t even realize it’s happening. I mean, how many times has a random Tita told you, “tumataba ka na, kailangan nang mag diet”?

Chaz Garcia decided to make a stand.


Source: Chaz Garcia’s Facebook Page

Full text:

Today at San Juan, I saw a group of local girls approach a group seated by the beach. They were telling this pale white woman, “Ate ang ganda mo. Ang ganda ng kulay mo, para kang artista.” One local girl from the same group walk past us and squeezed my arm and said, “Ate, taba mo.” and I, with a wtf expression on my face, just replied with a nod. 

The culture of body shaming in this country is just sad. A few days ago I was telling @borjangan that I wear a bikini more as a feminism thing. Like, why are guys allowed to flaunt their fat bellies half naked while we women have to cover up if we’re not stereotypical “sexy.”

So here I am, in all my tummy’s glory, saying “F ALL YA’LL HATERS.”

I think this is a brave thing of her to do. What do you think?