LOOK: This FREE Intensive Training Might Be The Best Workout Ever!

Are you getting bored of working out in the same old gym with the same old routine? Are you ready to go a little off the book and try to mix things up a little?

Well, in case you are, there is a new workout that will definitely get you results. Actually, it may give you more than the results you have been wanting. Watch the video below.

In the video, Tim Tayag plays the character of Jhorex as he tries out this new workout called Carpenter Lifestyle Intensive Training (CLIT) . The training will not only give you great six packs and big ripped arms, it will also give you functional strength and, if you work hard enough, maybe a house.

No fancy equipment or apparel needed for this fitness regime, just your standard construction materials such as hollow blocks and cement bags. It is also a win-win because not only do you get in shape, but you also become productive in the process.

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