LOOK: This Food Stall Serves Really Good & Spicy Salted Egg Wing Buckets!

If you ever find yourself in Kapitolyo, make sure to drop by The Yard: Underground and look for this food stall named Chicken Alley. Why so?

Chicken Alley 7

Well, we just found out that they are serving one of the best Spicy Salted Egg Wing Buckets in town! Deemed as one of their bestsellers, this salted egg flavored and coated chicken joints will surely bring your wing cravings to a whole new level!

Chicken Alley 4

Aside from spicy salted egg, they also offer wing buckets in regular styles, such as Original Buffalo Sauce, Honey Garlic, and Soy Garlic.

Chicken Alley 5

Chicken Alley 1

Chicken Alley 3

But hey, if you’re up for a little gastronomic adventure, we highly recommend the Korean Style and Sriracha Mansi, next to Spicy Salted Egg.

Chicken Alley 2


For only P 185.00 for a medium-sized bucket and P 225.00 for a large-sized one, no doubt that you and your barkada will have fun munching on Chicken Alley’s mouth-watering chicken wings!

Chicken Alley 6

So, the next time you find yourself craving for some buffalo wings, you know which alley to visit.

Chicken Alley

The Yard Underground
Christian Route, Pasig City
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