EATS: Gastronomic Goodness At The Yard Underground

No visas, no plane tickets and no overseas flights needed. London is right here at The Yard Underground!

Indulge in diverse selections of good food made in original concepts while enjoying the Instagram-worthy and London Underground-inspired interior and exterior aesthetic. The Yard Underground is the newest food park in the Metro launched by the same sisters who brought us The Yard Xavierville. No need to go all the way to Katipunan because this one is situated in Pasig!

The Yard Underground 1

Here’s a sneak peek of our recent food crawl at The Yard.

Tikka Tikka

Yearning for the distinctive taste of Indian-Mexican cuisine?

If so, Tikka Tikka is the place to go to. They’re offering a fusion of shawarma and burrito rolled into one oh-so-flavorful delight.

The Yard Underground 5

Saigon Sadie

Imagine this: Your favorite Vietnamese dishes served with a twist. That’s basically the concept behind The Yard’s, Saigon Sadie.

We highly suggest you order Lola Longtime which is their own take on lemongrass pork skewers. It’s a must-try!

The Yard Underground 3

Macho Lucha Taco Shack

Macho Lucha offers classic Mexican food, such as quesadillas, tacos, nachos, and many more. Oh did we mention that they also have a wide-array of mouthwatering sauces to make your food more flavorful? Time to bring your amigos and amigas here and #GetMacho!

The Yard Underground 19

The Lost Bread

Do you ever wish Maginhawa’s The Lost Bread is a bit closer to the South?

Well, wish no more because you can also find the sought after milkshake bar in the Metro here. For sure, their amazing milkshakes will bring all the boys (and girls) in The Yard Underground!

The Yard Underground 21

Chillout Cooks

Chill food, anyone? Well, nothing says chill better than fried food, right? Thus, if you’re up for bites that will make you feel like you’re having fun under the sun, you should head to Chillout Cooks immediately!

Their fried pies, fried oreos and fried pastas are all you need.

The Yard Underground 16

The Good Tapa

The Good Tapa raised the bar a notch higher for tapa because theirs stick true to their name. From chicken, beef and pork as your options, you may also choose from their wide array of sauces for a fine finish.

We must say, the The Good Tapa actually made it to our list of must-eat tapas in the Metro! It’s an 11/10, tbh!

The Yard Underground 9

Ta Ke Ho Me

This stall takes the love for Japanese food into a whole new level by serving them extra special. We tried their Dragon Ball sushi, Bacon Bomb and TKHM Roll, and we super loved all of them!

Fun fact: Ta Ke Ho Me, if you haven’t noticed yet, actually means Take Home since their food can be eaten anytime and anywhere.

The Yard Underground 1516

Push Mo Iyan Te

Craving Filipino food with a twist?

Push Mo Iyan Te got you. Indulge on their classic Salty Eggs Bagnet or try their signature Kapal Ng Mukha Mo which is basically a half face of a pig deep fried into golden crisp perfection. Truth is, all their dishes are sinfully good!

The Yard Underground 10

Pound 4 Pound

Take care of your burger cravings with Pound 4 Pound. This stall will surely catch your senses with their boxing-themed aesthetic and burgers that will make you fall in love with every bite.

What to try? Pick their iconic Noy-Pi Burger which is made of brioche bun, pork humba, chicken liver, 100% beef patty and other special ingredients.

The Yard Underground 4

Potato Club

Potato lovers, listen up! Nothing can satisfy your cravings better than the Potato Club. Experience the rich goodness of fried mashed potato and gooey cheese.

Does the thought of bacon, ham, boiled egg and pineapple excite you? If so, we highly recommend you to try their bestselling Club & Cheese!

The Yard Underground 18


Crazytella is a food stall offering anything and everything made with nutella. Check out their crazy selections of desserts like waffela or their own twist of your regular waffles, deep-fried and nutella-filled bombettes and torched frozen s’mores stuffed with ice cream.

PS – Their wafella is served a little like nutella in jar with your name on it. Instagram-worthy, check!

The Yard Underground 14

Halal Kabab Express

On the hunt for the best authentic Persian cuisine out there? Say no more. Try Halal Kabab Express’ signature Chicken Biryani and give in to the goodness of their Chelo Kabab. You’ll surely enjoy your Persian food experience because they only serve Persian-style Basmati rice!

Don’t forget to ask for their lassi rose water yogurt! You’re gonna love it!

The Yard Underground 20

Carnivore Cookery

Carnivore Cookery houses everyone’s favorite meals as they offer anything meaty and savory, hence the name. We tried their delectable Smoked Pork Belly and Smoked Beef Brisket. The tender slices of their pork belly and beef brisket were smoked for 12 hours low and slow which sealed in their flavorful goodness.

No worries because even though they serve really good food, their dishes are still very affordable!

The Yard Underground 7


Don’t dare miss the chance of tasting Birdmen’s chicken. From solo meals and platters to sandwiches and side dishes, this food stall won’t let you down with their spin on the usual Southern fried chicken with creamy sauces.

Birdmen is one of the food stalls that we will go back to The Yard for!

The Yard Underground 11

Phat Boys

Cinnamon sugar cookies, mocha ice cream, almond slivers and chocolate syrup – if reading these made you crave, then it’s time to get your Phat Boys on!

This stall is basically all about handcrafted ice cream sandwiches made from the concoction of two well-loved dessert sweethearts – cookies and ice cream. Who can say no to that, right? Not us!

The Yard Underground 12


Satisfy your taste buds with Sassas Chicharronia’s own take on sisig, tokwa and the classic crispy lechon with chicharon bulaklak. The crispy skin and juicy meat of their dishes will remind you that life is better with a spoonful of pork! As they say, it’s always a good time for lechon!

The Yard Underground 6

Above Sea Level

Let Above Sea Level fill you in with anything and everything seafood from shrimps to squids. This food stall is perfect for people who want fresh and tender seafood.

Their talk of the town Giant Butterfly Squid or breaded giant squid on a stick is a must-try!

The Yard Underground 23

Chicken Alley

Craving for buffalo wings?

Well, there’s nowhere else to go but to Chicken Alley. Allow yourself to enjoy the distinct taste of their Chippy and Doritos-flavored Chicken Tenders and Teriyaki Buffalo Wings. Who’s with us?

The Yard Underground 17

Pub Express

Pub Express is a stall that specializes in ribs. Can you actually believe that their baby back ribs are served so quick you only have to wait for 3 minutes? And yet even though it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare the ribs, I assure you, the meat is really tender and it falls right off the bone! Plus, you can enjoy one below 200 pesos! It’s a real steal!

Yup, there is no way you’ll get hangry when you visit Pub Express!

The Yard Underground 111

Nitro 7

Perhaps one of the most intriguing food stall in The Yard Underground, Nitro 7 did not disappoint. As they flaunt their coffee which is brewed for 18 hours until perfection and infused with Nitrogen for a sweet and creamy finish, their signature Irish Cream and Hazelnut Caramel left us in awe.

The Yard Underground 15

These are just some of the food stalls you must check out when you visit The Yard Underground. We promise you it’s gonna be an awesome gastronomic adventure!

The Yard Underground

Christian Route cor. Hillcrest Drive, Pasig
Monday – Sunday
4PM – 12MN

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