LOOK: This Comic Shows How Some Men Think You Need To Be Pretty To Be Smart

Catcalling has been a hot topic recently. The act connotes that women are subservient to men exercising their masculine power over them through objectification. Ohh, and I remember in our CA2 class, we noted in shows that lead male roles are okay to be old and not too attractive but can still can score young women. However, for female roles, older women are almost always cast in supporting roles or mother roles. Hirap maging girl, bes.

And here’s another one: Apparently, being pretty is a prerequisite to being smart?

In this comic by Eunice Grace Gatdula (“Huhsmile” page on Facebook), the artist asks how exactly the argument of a girl is useless if she isn’t pretty. This was after a netizen commented, “Eh yung totoo: Maganda ka?” to one comic.

Men pretty smartfacebook.com/Huhsmile

Personally, I hear women told they “need to be this and that” more than men. I know men have their ideals to work up to, like living up to the masculine standard… BUT BRO. HEELS. FIVE INCH HEELS.

Do you agree with the comic? And did you grow up with more “babae ka pa naman” remarks around? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to share. 🙂