LOOK: This Bang Bang Parody Featuring Lady Gagita Is EVERYTHING

Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, isdatchoo?!

Remember Lady Gagita aka Vinz Booc, the online sensation most known for doing all-out covers of Lady Gaga songs, complete in makeup and costume?? Well, it seems that this internet celebrity is donning a new face for the meantime as the lovely Piranha Grande (hint, hint!) in this must-watch parody of Bang Bang!!

Bang Bang parody

Of course, no Bang Bang video is complete without the entire gang, which includes Neggy Minaj and Jossa J!! Hello, #SquadGoals!

More than the on point costumes and makeup that was just #OnFleek, and of course, the STELLAR performances from the trio, the video is totally impressive!! We have to say, it’s a complete step up from the older Lady Gagita days of yore (not that those weren’t already entertaining), and they’ve completely outdone themselves! The video perfectly mirrors the original while showcasing truly Pinoy touches.

It’s fabulous, fierce, and all-out entertaining! You just HAVE to watch the video below!

#WerqIt mga beks!! Check out more of their work here.

Do you think Neggy, Jossa and Piranha did the original Bang Bang justice?? Tag your friends!!