LOOK: This 93 Year Old Man is Still Working as a Financial Advisor

Words by Mia Abigan

For most people, retirement seems like such an obvious choice especially when they are in their 60’s, but not for this extraordinary man. Carlos Perez Medina, better known by his nickname Mang Carling, chose to continue working as a financial advisor, even if he’s already 93 years old. To date, he is Sun Life’s oldest active advisor, having served the insurance company for 47 years now.

Watch his story below:

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“I have a long and happy life because I joined Sun Life,” shared Mang Carling in his video. “Noong araw, di pa alam ng mga tao, what life insurance can do for you,” Mang Carling shared. “So I would tell them, ‘If something happens to you, who will take care of your children?’

[“In the past, not a lot of people knew what life insurance can do for you.”]

He adds that he finds satisfaction in his work because he doesn’t have to invest money. He said, “All you have to do is invest your time.” For Mang Carling, he stayed with Sun Life for 47 years because he enjoys his work of helping his clients secure a brighter future for their families.

To date, Mang Carling doesn’t sell insurance plans, instead taking care of his existing clients and visiting the Sun Life office in Davao to observe the younger agents.

To them, he has a piece of advice: be thankful for your present occupation. According to him, “you are doing a meaningful and useful service for others. You are representatives of the most prestigious life insurance company in the whole Philippines, and you have to live up to their standards of integrity and dedication to your work.”

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Mang Carling serves as an inspiration and a mentor to both young and old Sun Life advisors alike. His dedication and passion for the job are unmatched and it is a testament of how much he enjoyed working as a financial advisor.

He ended the video by saying, “I am proud that I have joined and dedicated most of my life in this company, which is doing meaningful service to our fellow men.”

Truly, nothing can come close to an individual’s burning passion! It is what will set them ablaze and keep them going despite the many hurdles they may encounter along the way. With his dedication, Mang Carling shows us how a lifetime partner makes life brighter — from one generation to the next.

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