How I Met My Financial Advisor and How It Has Changed My Life

I guess I’m just one tough nut to handle. I tend to be very picky with the people I allow in my space. With my background in sales, marketing and PR, I know right away if a person is just trying to convince me to say “yes” to be a part of his/her quota. I don’t get easily convinced.

I’ve always wanted to get an insurance policy for myself, though. I know there are a lot of companies out there, but everytime a financial advisor would approach me, I’d always end up feeling awkward and undecided…That is until I met Cheska Sarausad.

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Cheska (left) and me (right)

I met Cheska Sarausad in one of my visits at the Sun Life office when I did a project with them last year. She’s just a natural. Never even made an effort to convince me, because her personality says it all. We instantly became friends after I interviewed her about handling personal finances for Her stories were very relatable and her advices were exactly what I needed, so I knew then that she was the perfect person to help me plan for my future. After that first meeting, I requested if we could meet again so I can learn more about insurance plans. And that was the beginning of my financial journey.

If you are also looking for that perfect financial advisor for you, here are some tips that I would like to share.

Find an advisor who is:

1. Patient at explaining

If you’re the type, like me, who do not really understand complicated financial plans etc., it pays to find an advisor who’s willing to clearly answer your every query. Make sure he/she is highly knowledgeable with their products so you’d have a better understanding on what you’re investing on.

2. Trustworthy

Find an advisor that you can open up to, especially with your financial situation. It pays to be honest so your advisor can suggest realistic plans to help you.

3. Genuinely interested in helping you

Use your instincts and observe the consistency of his/her actions. Does he/she make an effort to know how you’re doing with your life in general?

4. A potential role model and BFF

Choose someone you feel you can be BFFs with. That’s the level of comfort I have with Cheska! After all, you’d want to work with people you can easily connect with and understand you, right?

Take the time to observe your potential advisor. Does he/she also handle her finances well? If yes, chances are, she’ll also influence you on how to do the same, especially if you have difficulty in saving money. It’s always great to work with someone who teaches and inspires you to do better.

Bottom line, here is the most important thing: learn as much as you can about your potential advisor. Signing up for an insurance is like signing up for a lifetime commitment, so it really pays to not only choose the right advisor for you but the company they work with as well. You’ll be investing time and money with them, after all!

Me, in one of my travels

Thanks to Cheska, I was able to clearly understand every policy that, before, seemed intimidating. She even explained how I can grow my money and secure my future through insurance and investments. And months after I signed up, she continued to be very consistent and hands-on. I feel lucky to have found her, and proud that I made that decision a year ago to start a brighter future with Sun Life. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make. After all, with the credentials of Sun Life, who has helped many clients in their journey and has a line-up of highly trained financial advisors, I knew I would be in good hands.

I trust Cheska a lot and consider her as one of my personal confidants. I feel really blessed to know her, and feel proud that my Sun Life advisor is truly one of the best.

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