6 Phrases We’re Tired of Hearing from People Trying to Sell us Stuff

We’ve all been face-to-face with a salesman at one point in our lives. We know the style, the catch phrases, even the ligawan. If you’ve ever been approached by one, or sought one out yourself to look into something you need, like insurance, then you’ve probably heard at least one of these lines below.

Here are six phrases we’re all tired of hearing from people trying to sell us stuff!

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6. “If you add your top-up AND your base investment and multiply that by your annual interest then again multiplied to twenty years then by 2038, you will be Php XXXXX+++ richer!!!”

And all the while you’re just sitting there like…anu pOh?

These are words you’d probably hear from Matt De Numero, a.k.a. Mr. Numbers Guy. He’s the type of seller that throws you all these terms, numbers, percentage, with his calculator out, tap tapping on the keys and telling you these computations you honestly don’t understand. This feels like Math class all over again, and tbh, you were never fond of that. StAHp.

What you can say to Matt De Numero:

“Hey Matt, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’m not really familiar with these terms and numbers. I think I need to find someone who can make me understand these products, services, and concepts in simple terms!”

5. “Hindi natin alam kung kelan tayo kukunin ni Lord, diba?”

Morty Matay is that sales person who always goes the morbid direction. He’ll tell you that you need to buy this or that because you have to secure the lives of those you will leave behind when you unexpectedly leave this world! I mean, thanks for the concern, but…kailangan ba talaga may takutan?

What you can say to Morty Matay:

“Well, I understand your concern, Morty, but let’s stay positive! I want to work for a brighter future out of inspiration and not fear. I need someone cheerful who will help motivate me to protect my dreams!”

4. “Sis! I have everything you need! Kuha ka na!”

Betty Bentahan will somehow have the answers to all your needs, and is most likely to call you “sis”. She’ll sales talk you into buying almost every insurance policy she has—individual plans, financial plans, and family plans…even when you’re single. She might even be selling leche flan. :p

What you can say to Betty Bentahan:

“Ay wait, sis! Do you know what I’m looking for? I need someone who understands my needs and my goals so they can recommend the right product solutions for me!”

3. “I’ll get back to you on that.”

You’d almost never get any useful information from Alicia Alangalam. Every important question you ask her will be met with the statement, “I’ll get back to you on that.” Like, giiiiirl, sales person ka ba talaga?

What you can say to Alicia Alangalam:

“I might just get back to you on your offer as well. It is important for me to feel secure with my advisor, so I really need someone who can give me the information I need and share with me his knowledge on finances.”

2. “Halika, pag-usapan natin ang future mo…”

Morticia Makamatay is the one you’ll see in funerals, hovering around grieving family members and taking advantage of their moments of weakness. She will be lurking like a vulture, waiting for the right moment to swoop in and offer life insurance using ominous opening catch phrases. *chills*

What you can say to Morticia Makamatay:

“Do you have any positive encouragements for me? I’d like to look at the bright side of life, so I need an advisor who can motivate me to pursue my dreams through solutions that will make me feel positive and secure.”

1. “Open minded ka ba?”

We all know this one. You’ve either heard of this infamous phrase before or, if you’re unlucky, have been directly on the receiving end of it. Tbh, this is probably how Ricky Rakitero would open his sales pitch to you, luring you in with an invitation for coffee, to discuss a potential “business venture”. We all know how that goes.

What you can say to Ricky Rakitero:

“I’d like to ask you too, Ricky, what is your motivation for this sale? I’d like to know because I want to be with an advisor who truly has my best interests at heart!”

Do these lines sound familiar? If you meet any of these sales people or hear any of these lines, guys, here is an advice: run! Srsly, you never have to settle for a financial advisor that only leaves you feeling more confused or frustrated than encouraged and inspired! Anyone trying to make a sale to you should make you feel confident and, above all, safe.

So instead of settling for these stereotypes, you should instead look out for Bright Advisors who are trained professionals that actually care for your needs. Find a Simple Sally that makes products and terminologies easy for you to understand, a Cheerful Cheska that inspires and motivates you, a Dedicated Denise that is committed to their relationship with you, and more Bright Advisors that will prove to you that it actually should be about you, not about making the sale.

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