LOOK: These Witty Greeting Cards Feature Delicious Filipino Food!

Words by Lori Dumaligan

Do you spend hours at a store or scrolling online because you’re struggling to find greeting cards that really, I mean REALLY, get you?

lunes 1

“Halo… is it me you’re looking for?”

Lunes, a creative studio based in London that specializes in branding and graphic design, has the solution. Their aesthetically-pleasing greeting cards are equal parts funny, punny, and cute!

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Their cards provide a fresh take on everyday things like greeting cards. They’ve taken the idea of premade Hallmark cards in stores and made them more personalized for everyday Filipinos.

lunes 1 2

This concept is also in their name, Lunes, which translates to Monday. Mondays are considered the day of the dread or the dreaded day. But Lunes only wants to take on projects that excite them so they never have to be fearful of Mondays. This is why they’ve made these cards as fun and as relatable as possible.


Their greeting cards are perfect for every Filipino festivity. They feature langhap sarap Filipino food like chickenjoy, ube, halo-halo, and UFC banana ketchup which could be just what you’re looking for, especially to give your relatives abroad who might be missing home. They’re great for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and if you need an excuse when you’re “running late.”


Lunes Shop ships to the Philippines, Australia, Canada, UK, & US. Don’t spend hours looking for the perfect card. The amazing people at Lunes have exactly what you’re looking for. Order now on their website and greet your friends, or yourself, with these must-have greeting cards!

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IG: @lunes_shop | @wearelunes

FB: fb.com/shoplunes

Where to Order: shop.lunes.co.uk


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