LOOK: These Wedding Gowns Are Perfect for Your Bridal Dreams

Filipino fashion icon Francis Libiran releases his Spring Summer 2023 wedding collection “Wildflowers” on September 11, 2022, at Greenbelt Makati, which was inspired by flowering plants that have not been genetically manipulated, representing the versatility of the pieces.

Emblematic fashion designer Francis Libiran proves yet once again how he became a staple in the industry with his innovative and artistic designs. Just recently, on September 11, 2022, at Greenbelt, Makati, he released to the world his Spring Summer wedding collection—Wildflowers.


The couture line caters to both men and women who dream of an opulent and fantastical wedding, comprising sixteen elegant wedding gowns and eight magnificent suits. Staying true to his exceptionally artistic style, the luminary still incorporated his well-known art deco details but involved much more innovation.

Being an architect, he has always been known to show off his fascination with lines and other notable patterns, giving various treatments for the pieces in this latest collection. Captivating textures and 3D effects can also be noticed, as well as embossed detailing.


Look no further than the Blazing Star piece embodying boldness. The ensemble is an A-line couture gown that captivates—intricate fan-shaped patterns form from the bodice down to the right side of the skirt giving it a more satisfying asymmetrical feel.

Francis wanted to come up with something different, especially with the men’s ensembles. With the colors, he pursued a more whimsical approach—incorporating more pastels in order to make the suits extra fun.

Just look at the piece called Rose Turtlehead, flawlessly flaunting the beauty of pastel pink, it can be described as a dapper accouterment for men who can play around with the idea of elegance and subtlety.

In addition, the fashion designer aimed to be more playful as he made use of non-traditional wool materials and different patterns of lace in the collection. Silhouettes are made differently, catering to a lot of different sizes. The gowns can be considered big but also described as lightweight.


Meanwhile, with the beading, a noteworthy detail that you will notice is how he devised opal white crystals, making the gowns more luminous and appealing.

Being true to its name, wildflowers bloom everywhere. Francis Libiran curated ensembles that are versatile. He made sure to create no boundaries as he refused to stray away from traditional wedding gowns and suits. The designer redefined what a wedding gown should be like, most especially with his treatment of men’s accouterment.

Francis Libiran indeed continues to raise the standard and delivers innovative pieces that are still in line with his personal and signature style. In line with this, the established fashion designer will be showcasing his Spring Summer 2023 couture collection internationally at the famed LA Fashion Week this coming October 7, 2022.