LOOK: These Thai Dishes Are Perfect for Your Lenten Cravings

One of our great food finds during the pandemic just released new products in time for holy week.

Made in Bangkok specializes in Thai dishes that are greatly influenced by Chef Fran Lim’s culinary journey with Asian cuisine. In a previous interview, Chef Fran Lim mentioned that the brand wants to offer something unique from the ones being offered in Manila.

For their new offering, MBKK had widened its menu with some dishes that are perfect for the Lenten season. They now have Prawn Pomelo Salad, Prawn Cakes, Sweet Chili Tiger Prawns, Salmon Spring Rolls, and Salmon Curry.

Whether as a snack, appetizer or to pair with rice, MBKK’s Crispy Prawn Cakes are full of flavor that is best enjoyed hot and fresh. It is made of finely chopped prawns in Tom Yum paste and served with sweet chili and Thai nam phrik sauce.

If you want something refreshing, the Prawn Pomelo Salad paired with their signature sauce is a great starter for a filling meal. It includes huge shrimps to make sure your seafood cravings will be satisfied.

But our favorite of all of the new items is the Salmon Curry!

Served with MBKK’s coconut plain rice, the salmon curry has the perfect mix of sweetness and spiciness. It is made with rich red curry and cherry tomatoes that also give that appetizing color.

Craving for seafood, MBKK has some delicious treats that are perfect to share with your family.

Made in Bangkok



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