Get Magical Tom Yum Crispy Noodles With ‘Made in BKK’

Do you miss traveling too? We sure do! And one way to feel like we are traveling is through food. Luckily, there are many new food brands that serves food that would definitely take you back to the places you can only imagine (for now).

Made in Bangkok is a new brand by the creators of Ginza Gyu and Mama Cha with Chef Fran Lim.

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Though there are 12 items that will be in the menu, they initially released 3 items that will definitely be your new favorites.

The first thing that caught our attention is their Tom Yum Puff-Noods. They are made of crispy noodles that becomes softer when you pour in the tom yum soup. It also has whole jumbo prawns that tastes perfect with the sour, spicy and creamy soup.

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Photo from Made in Bangkok

Another dish that really brought us back to our nights in Bangkok is this Thai Crispy Chicken Curry. Since the food is delivered at home, the sauce will be in a separate container. The chicken alone is perfectly cooked and is flavorful on it own. Mixed with the curry sauce, this dish will definitely be elevated.

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But the star of the three dishes is definitely the Wagyu Thai Steak Box. Since the creators of the brand is known for their amazing meats at Ginza Gyu, this dish definitely lived up to its reputation of serving the best steaks.

The Wagyu Steak Box is made of Pan-seared Australian wagyu topped over thai steak rice and green curry salt, generously drizzled with tamarind steak sauce. Though the steak itself is already so good, their unique tamarind steak sauce or their salt for a simpler option. It also has a soft boiled egg on the side for that creaminess.

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When asked about the influence behind MBKK, Chef Fran quotes his experience in several Thai restaurants as the key: “I started out my culinary journey heavily influenced by Asian cuisine. Having worked in some of the metro’s best, Dusit Thani, People’s Palace to name a few, with their common denominator being Thai Cuisine.

He also shared that his love for Thai food fueled his desire to make this brand come to life. “My love for Asian cuisine, especially Thai food, has evolved into creating concepts for those
who want to experience a different side from what’s being served to us here in Manila”, he added.

Made in Bangkok