LOOK: These Sinless Chocolate Cookies for Diabetics Are Heavenly!

We’ve seen a lot of diet-friendly desserts out there but Baba Bake’s cookies come from a very special place: a daughter’s love for her dad. 

The owner and baker of Baba Bake, Nicole Guillermo, made this recipe for her father who was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure last year. Her father, a sweet-tooth, had to restrict his sugar intake as a result. Nicole then made the recipe for his dad to enjoy as he was recovering from his sickness. 

The Sinless Chocolate cookies are flourless, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and low carb diet-approved. It’s made with pure ground almonds, grass-fed butter, monkfruit sweetener (one of the healthiest sugar substitutes), roasted walnuts, and premium NSA (no sugar added) stevia-sweetened dark chocolate. Only 1.8g net carbs each piece. 

What started out as a daughter’s treat turned out to be a hit that people immediately started ordering the Sinless Chocolate cookies. Baba Bake — named after Nicole’s father who they called “Baba” at home — was then born. 

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They’re also releasing a new guilt-free flavor called Milk Chocolate Macadamia. The cookies are generous chunks of dark chocolate. They’re so soft, it melts in your mouth. It’s so rich and chewy, it’s hard to believe it’s sinless.

They go especially with a glass of cold milk and a loved one’s warm hug. If you’re looking for comfort food without the guilt, then Baba Bake’s Sinless Chocolate cookies are definitely for you.

Baba Bake

Instagram: @bababakeph

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