7 Tips on Sticking To Your Diet (as Shared By The #WIMSquad)

It’s the end of January. Some may have resolutions to sleep earlier or to spend less time on social media, but let’s face it–most of us probably vowed to actually start dieting this year. While it’s so hard to admit, the truth is that many of us (probably most of us) have already turned our backs on that diet we’ve been planning for years.

In spite of this, it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf! Dieting can definitely be hard, but with tried and tested tips from people who have been there and done that, it could be a piece of cake!

We asked the #WIMSquad about their personal tips on how to stick to a diet. Here’s what they said:


Log your daily weight and use FitnessPal to log your daily food intake.
-Ivana Cruz Radin


Take progress pictures! Seeing yourself improve is the number 1 motivator (whether you’re looking for gains or loss)
-Llednew Garcia

drinking water1

Drink lots of water.
-Dennis Ong

you cant eat like that anymore

Ask for accountability.
-Angeline Merced

cat eating vegetables

Keep your goals in mind, don’t forget to eat but do so healthily (have a cheat meal once a week so as not to discourage you) and find the right meal plan for you.
-Karl Batungbacal

crying while eating

Most important for me: don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t go for extreme diets because your body will suffer for it. And don’t give up if you slip a bit. Even if you cheat when it’s not your cheat day, don’t give up. Think of it as a lifestyle change, not as a diet. Just think that you’re doing it for a healthier lifestyle, not because you want that dream body.
-Llednew Garcia

shia labeauf motivation

FIND THE RIGHT MOTIVATION. Try to go beyond image or trying to look cute for someone. Focus on purpose (e.g. health, calling, etc). The bigger the vision, the stronger the conviction.
-Angeline Merced

Do you have your own tried and tested diet tips? How about success stories? Share it with us!