LOOK: These Funny “Played vs. Paid” Pictures Will Teach You A Thing About Photography

If you’re the resident photographer in your squad (meaning you always take the best photos, or you have the best camera, or you’re just the best Insta-hoe) then you understand the frustration when you ask Your Friend to take photos for you. A lot of times, they just don’t look… like what you expect.

Photographer Christopher Toffee Rivera hilariously shares a comparison of these photos. He called the photos “binarat vs. binayaranand for lack of a better translation, I’m just going to call them “played vs. paid.” You’ll get it when you see the photos because the comparisons are super accurate!

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If you’re The Friend who can’t seem to take great photos, fear not because he also adds helpful tips on how to take the best “paid” photos.

Take a look at some of them:

binarat vs binayaranPhoto by Christopher Toffee Rivera

Huwag po nating ishot kapag ‘di ready model

binarat vs binayaran2Photo by Christopher Toffee Rivera

Galingan natin sa pag expose

binarat vs binayaran3Photo by Christopher Toffee Rivera

Ayyy watch the angles!!

binarat vs binayaran4Photo by Christopher Toffee Rivera

Galingan po natin mag color grading

binarat vs binayaran5Photo by Christopher Toffee Rivera

Galingan natin mag framing po

You can check out the full album here:

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