READ: 5 Tips On How To Be An Instagram Girlfriend To A Shy Boyfriend

He’s not afraid to do crazy stuff whenever he’s with you. Flailing his arms and dancing around to your favorite songs, singing at the top of his lungs, and trying out crazy outfits just for the laughs. But whenever you take your phone out to take a picture of the moment, he immediately withdraws and becomes silent.

Yep, you have a shy boyfriend and here are tips on how to be an Instagram girlfriend to one.

5. Don’t let him catch you.

He automatically becomes uneasy whenever a camera is pointed at his face. Try taking sudden and candid shots of him while he’s comfortable.

instagram girlfriend 5

4. Take a picture of him while doing something he loves.

The moment when his eyes sparkle and his face lights up while he is doing something he is passionate about will be one of the best photographs of him you’ll ever take.

instagram girlfriend

3. Hang back then click.

Another way not to trigger his shyness is to hang back and take the shot behind him. No face, no problem. 

instagram girlfriend 4

2. Assure him that he looks good.

Try boosting his confidence. He might be feeling shy and awkward because he thinks he doesn’t look good in the photo. Compliment him and wait – wait for that smile then click.

instagram girlfriend 2

1. Be with him.

He feels most comfortable when he’s with you so, taking pictures together might just be the trick to acing a good shot.

instagram girlfriend 3

Any other tips you can add to the list? Tell us in the comments!


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