#InstagramBoyfriends Share Tips On How To Take Great Photos

There are boyfriends and then, there are Instagram boyfriends.

Boyfriends love you, take care of you and support you all the way. Well, Instagram boyfriends are just like that except, they do one important thing that changes the whole game. They brave the raging storms brought by girlfriends who want new, picture-perfect and double tap-worthy photos.

Contrary to what most people may think, Instagram boyfriends’ tasks are more than just tapping the circle button or pressing the shutter. They also go through challenges like finding the right angle, catching the perfect balance of light, and making sure that the subject looks great.

We know how tricky it gets so, we asked some Instagram boyfriends for a few tips. Read them below.

“I always, and I mean always focus on the eyes. When you focus on the eyes, you’re not merely taking an image but rather, you’re delving into something deeper. Thus the saying, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul.” Eyes convey emotion, which is why I capture moments rather than mere images.” – Anton

“My girlfriend used to be a photographer for the Varsitarian in UST. I just follow what she says and hope for the best.”Inigo

“When you see a good background, ask her to pose in front of it. She’ll appreciate the initiative.” Jalen

“I try to incorporate much of what I learned from my BC classes. You know, the technicalities of videography and photography. I try to be as helpful and as patient as I can whenever she takes pictures. She always makes funny faces whenever I take a picture of her, and believe me, those moments are priceless. I guess the best tip if you’re in a relationship with someone who likes taking pictures is to make the best memory out of each shot, so that whenever you look back to that image, you’ll always be reminded of the good times that you had and the love that you constantly share.” DJ

“Just take a lot of pics, tapos siya na ang bahalang mamili kung anong gusto niya. Hahaha. And also, makinig sa girlfriend kung pano mo siya kukuhanan. A lot of patience will also help.” – Gerard

“Click a hundred times for more chances of getting a shot na magugustuhan niya.” Aaron

“When you go to a new place or an event, make sure to take lots of pictures of her. Best if it’s candid yet she looks perfectly beautiful!”Andrew

“Dapat proud ka sa girlfriend mo and wag mo isipin sasabihin ng ibang tao. Basta happy lang kayo mag picture-picture.”Benedict
“Be sure to take lots of photos para marami siyang pagpilian. And take candid shots too but know her angle. She wont be happy when she’ll be looking ugly.” – Joshua
“As much as possible, I try to make her laugh and say a lot of compliments to make her comfortable. I personally take a lot of candid shots for they show more emotions.”Xian

“Read up on photography techniques like looking for the right angles and being creative with your shots. Shoot at lower angles because it makes your subject look taller and slimmer compared to shooting head on which makes the individual fuller and shorter. The best tip by far which I could give to novices like me is to make mistakes a lot and hope your girlfriend teaches you how to do it properly so you could bond. You may not be really good with the camera but making an effort to be interested in doing it, goes a long way for a happy relationship.”Paul

Here’s a tip from my very own Instagram boyfriend:

“Patience is the key. If you think the photo you took was not what she wanted, then delete it immediately and don’t even think of showing it to her. Just take a few more photos.”Leif

There you go, guys. Let’s give a round of applause to our Instagram boyfriends.

Brief reminder, ladies. Don’t be too harsh on your boyfriends if they failed to capture the specific shot you like. Remember, having fun is more important than a good photo no matter how many likes it could get!

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