LOOK: These Funny Pet Stories Will Show You Why Having a Pet is the Best Thing Ever!

Written by Patricia Yap 

Photos from respective owners 

Featured Image from Mariana 

As someone who has had a pet before, I can guarantee you that having one is the best thing ever. Sure, they can be annoying, moody, playful, messy, and overall stressful to take care of sometimes, but the love and joy that they bring to us is unlike any other.

And what’s best is when they make us laugh.

During our bad days, they’re the ones who never fail to cheer us up by doing the silliest, craziest, and even dumbest things that just turn our bad day completely around, and so we thank them for that.

So, if you’ve never had a pet or you still feel a bit hesitant about getting one, then let these owners’ funny pet stories show you how good (and amusing) life can get with a little bit more love from our animal friends.

7. Butter’s clingy antics 

These Funny Pet Stories Will Show You Why Having a Pet is the Best Thing Ever 4

Mariana’s small but terrible baby Butter

Kasi si Butter, he’s very clingy. So yung joke namin ng mom ko is, we let him ride in the car and get him excited to come with us. So, syempre na eexcite siya. I don’t know, maybe he’s actually smart?  So, we put him inside the car, but every single time we have to get him out, he does not want to go out! And he would crawl in between my mom and mine’s laps parang pabalik balik. He would growl pa and stuff, so you just have to grab him through the window. It’s a three-party effort to get him out of the car.” – Mariana

Butter may be a tiny dog, but he will fight you just to stay in the car. Imagine that, one fluffy dog against three humans and the dog is the one who’s winning.

6. Aiko: Gusto ko dalawa sakin! 


Jelyka’s pasaway but lovable Aiko | @shibaapower

Yung bunso namin marunong na sumagot sa tatay niya! Hahah we have two female Shibas; mag nanay sila. Pinaka pasaway yan si Aiko.” – Jelyka 

As we can all see through this video, Aiko is a queen that demands your attention and respect (and food). If I had a dog like Aiko, I think I’d never be bored. Lagi akong may kausap eh. 

5. Tootsie’s late night snack 

These Funny Pet Stories Will Show You Why Having a Pet is the Best Thing Ever 2

Tatiana’s fluffy (and hungry) kitty Tootsie

“So, my cousin and I made Jin ramen one night; and si Tootsie kasi she loves tasting what’s on the table, but syempre hindi namin siya mabibigyan. So when my cousin and I were getting bowls pa for the ramen, she jumped on the table to taste the ramen. [After] her tongue went blep for like five minutes dahil sa spice.” – Tatiana 

Ah, poor Tootsie…she probably never tried spicy ramen after that. She also taught us to stop being matakaw. 

4. Giant baby Rico 

These Funny Pet Stories Will Show You Why Having a Pet is the Best Thing Ever 3

Allie’s giant best boy Rico

“My dog jumped into a kid’s ball pit HAHAHA!” – Allie 

Whether you’re a kid, an adult, or a dog—ball pit’s prove to be fun for everyone!

Even though ball pits are mostly for kids and that’s cute and all, you have to agree that nothing can beat a dog in a ball pit. I mean come on! Rico was so excited he literally dived right in. Good thing they were able to get him out though, just look at the fear in that mother’s eyes at the back.

3. Storm’s kalandian turned wrong 

These Funny Pet Stories Will Show You Why Having a Pet is the Best Thing Ever 2

Bea’s dapper, handsome and chonky boy Storm

“Stormy was like three years old, but hinahanayaan na namin siya lumabas. And for some reason, there was a cat near our house that gave birth [to two kittens], and so finoster sila ni Storm. Isa dun si Seth and the other one grew up and became an alpha male. One day, there was a girl cat, and you can see Storm and the other cat following the girl and they would fight over her. Eventually, there came another male cat, and so they were all fighting over her. Eventually, Storm won (Hooray!), but he followed the girl to the bakod of another house and the poor son of a b*tch fell off. So, my mom was crying cause we couldn’t find him and I was crying alone in the bathroom all because Storm followed that girl cat. After a while though, we found him because we went to the rooftop and we were like STORMY!” – Bea

See, even our pets can make landi, so we need to teach them to landi responsibly. 

2. Baste and Coco’s confusion 

These Funny Pet Stories Will Show You Why Having a Pet is the Best Thing Ever 6

Rosemarie’s big boy Baste

These Funny Pet Stories Will Show You Why Having a Pet is the Best Thing Ever 5

Rosemarie’s cute but confused baby Coco

“Si Baste kasi only knows [how] to bang his head on the door pag gusto niya pumasok. Di niya alam [paano] gamitin paws niya. Tapos after ng isang untog mag aantay siya ng bubukas. Pag medyo matagal na walang nag open bunggo niya ulit ulo niya.” – Rosemarie 

As for her other dog Coco, well, he likes going into things… he can’t really seem to figure out how to get out though. “[Si Coco] pumapasok sa paper bag [pero] ‘di naman na makalabas. Tapos dati pumasok sa ilalim ng kama si Coco, tapos may lumaylay na kumot. Ayun ‘di na rin makalabas kaya umiyak siya.” – Rosemarie 

I think Coco and Baste need to teach other a few lessons. Coco can teach Baste how to go into things and places, while Baste can teach Coco effective ways to get out.

1. Kenny’s curious habits 

These Funny Pet Stories Will Show You Why Having a Pet is the Best Thing Ever 7

The cutest Instagram doggie, Kenny | @kennypeki

“Every time we had our roomba (automatic vacuum) on, he’d curiously follow it. But when it faces towards him, he immediately scoots away and howls at it.” – Kenny’s owner. “Also, for some reason Kenny really hates cats. One time he was asleep in the car and I told him ‘Look oh! Meow meow!’ and immediately he woke up, and looked left and right at the window. And when he didn’t find one, he just looked at me with the most disappointed face.” – Kenny’s owner


All dogs are brave dogs, no matter how tiny they are. Sometimes, you just don’t really know why they’re mad at certain things, but it’s cute!

Pets really are great, aren’t they? Sometimes there are just some things our pets do that we don’t understand, but we love them for it anyway. With each tiny and weird antic, there’s no denying the absolute joy and laughter that we experience every time they do these. As pet owners and animal lovers, you know that any animal story, photo or video can make your day, especially when it’s your own!

We hope these short stories were able to make you smile. For those that don’t have a pet, hopefully someday you too can have your own pet and see what joys they could bring into your life.

If you have any funny or cute stories about your pets, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to share a laugh with you!