LOOK: These Face Masks Are Specifically Made for Singers and Public Speakers

Have you ever tried having a full-on conversation with someone while wearing a face mask? It can be a challenge, especially if you’re outdoors and you’ve got to compete with a lot of other noises. Unfortunately, the usual face masks we wear muffle our voices when speaking. This can be a problem especially for people whose livelihood is their voice.

What singers and public speakers usually do during in-person intimate events is to remove their face masks when it’s time to work. Fortunately, thanks to innovative minds, they don’t have to sacrifice their health just to be able to speak and sing properly.

The Choir Loft has just released special face masks that were made just for singers and public speakers!

taginting mask 2

Photo from The Choir Loft

The Choir Loft is a one-stop shop for choral music needs. They offer choral music materials, music accessories, and now, special face masks for choral members.

The Taginting Singer’s Mask lets you sing and speak comfortably without compromising yourself and your audience. It’s uniquely designed to give you enough room inside for unrestricted movement of the jaw, lips, and mouth.

So, instead of face masks constantly sticking to your mouth, this particular mask gives space between the fabric and your mouth. This happens thanks to the wire incorporated in the top of the mask that keeps its structure throughout its use.

taginting mask 1

Photo from The Choir Loft

The wire can be manipulated to follow the curve down the side of your nose and the curve of your cheeks. It then features a drawstring mechanism at the bottom to keep the mask snug under your chin. You can be assured that this mask can effectively protect you from bacteria even if it gives enough space around the mouth.

The mask itself features 4 layers: a non-absorbent outer layer fabric (neoprene), an absorbent inner layer fabric (cotton span), and 2 middle layers of non-woven, non-absorbent fabrics. They also made sure that it is effective as a piece of protection.

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“Designed with the singer in mind, we know how important it is to be able to breathe deep,” says their website. “Even deep inhalation does not cause the mask to collapse. Diction, volume, and resonance are minimally affected.”

This cool mask isn’t even just for singers! Even voice teachers, church commentators and lectors, radio DJs, and priests have used this mask.

It’s also a great face mask option for people who need to speak with other people regularly, or if you just need the extra room in your mask.

You can buy this singer’s face mask here!

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The Choir Loft


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