7 of the Most Comfortable Face Masks for Sale in the Philippines

I don’t know about you, but I have become extra picky with my face masks now that we’re this far into the pandemic. I already know exactly which traits to look for in my masks: they have to look presentable, and be durable, comfortable, breathable, and easy to wear and take off. If I am going for a run or need to get a workout in, I also need masks especially for that.

Okay, so those were a lot of things. If you have a similar list, I have put together a list of x comfortable face masks for sale in the Philippines that you will be more than happy to add to your list of safety wear during the pandemic.

7 of the Most Comfortable Face Masks for Sale in the Philippines

7. Just Mask

Shopee: justessentials

When the pandemic started back in February, there weren’t a lot of local PPE manufacturers. To join the fight against COVID-19, Just Essentials started importing masks for retail, even launching a small donation drive. They eventually amped things up by making face masks locally available, easy to acquire, and affordable by building a manufacturing plant.

Just Mask Face Masks

Photo from Just Mask

These masks are proudly made in the Philippines with a high filtration rating of 99.9% BFE. They are also breathable and splash-resistant, and you can stock up in packs of 3s, 6s, and 60s as needed at extremely affordable prices. A box of 3 only costs Php15, while a pack of 6 only costs Php29, and a pack of 50 only costs Php99. What are you waiting for? Your protection is well worth the money. Stock up on Just Masks today!


Shopee: The Masq Collection

Even on a run, the new normal is requiring us to wear face masks. This proved to be quite a hurdle for me when I started running recently, but I have fortunately found a few masks that do the job well without proving to be a burden or a hassle. One of them is MASQ Air.

MASQ Air 1

Photo from The Masq Collection

MASQ Air features the signature MASQ design and technology that allows concentrated particle filtration while keeping it highly breathable. Weighing only 0.17 pounds, MASQ Air is so light, you won’t really feel it as you work out. It is also 3 x more breathable than generic masks because of the fabric used. Plus, it is 10 x easier to clean and dry compared to other washable masks, so you can clean it after every workout and have it ready by the next one (though I’d suggest having several ones on hand so you don’t have to keep washing them daily). Buy it now for only Php165 pesos!


Shopee: Chain

Similar to the actual definition of the word, Chain links people to elements of ease, comfortability, and style. I know I said fashion isn’t that important now; but if you can have both fashion and comfort in one… I mean, why not, right? Chain’s masks look great, are hella comfortable, and won’t irritate your skin or ears in any way.

Chain Masks

Photo from Chain’s website

Chain’s masks are reusable, comfortable, colorful, and breathable. The Essential and the Premium mask are lined and made from 100% cotton to prevent maskne and all of the masks are proudly made in the Philippines. The Premium Masks (3-ply) only cost Php179 to Php199 apiece while The Essential Masks (2-ply) only cost Php49 apiece. They have super cute prints for kids, too! Stock up on Chain masks now!

Uniqlo AIRism

UNIQLO’s AIRism Masks reflects their commitment to making everyone’s life better through LifeWear. The AIRism Mask’s triple-layer structure enhances the performance with a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99%, blocking droplets and protecting the skin from bacteria, virus-contaminated particles, and pollen 1. Sandwiching the filter is AIRism mesh fabric. In addition, the triple-layer structure has a UPF 50+ rating, so it cuts 90% of ultraviolet rays.


Ultra-comfortable and available in three different sizes to suit your face shape (they have a size for kids, too!), the AIRism mask is machine washable with regular household detergent. It is silky smooth and ensures that you can breathe well and be heard well, which is another important factor for me.

Urban Traveller’s Banale Masks

Urban Traveller Website

The Banale N95 Mask was launched even before the pandemic by a group of people who wanted protection from outdoor pollution. They wanted a safe and comfortable way to breathe, packaged in a mask that was also stylish, cool, and reusable. Still, the mask is perfect for today as it passes the FFP2 European Standard, which is the equivalent of N95 standard by the USA. Banale guarantees comfort and full protection against pollen, bacteria, and the smallest of particulate matter (PM) in the air—as small as 2.5 micrometers.

affiliate urban traveller 1 banale active mask adult

Photo from: urbantravellerco.com

Despite the protective seal around your nose and mouth, the mask doesn’t feel restrictive at all when worn. It can also be used for running and biking. How awesome is that? It is available in three colors and looks really cool, too. Buy your own Banale masks now!



The Under Armour SPORTSMASK is finally in the Philippines! Get to experience the breathability, snug fit, and cool feel of Under Armour’s latest innovation that athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide have been raving about. The UA SPORTSMASK features a unique, three-layer model engineered for athletes during performance and you will love wearing it to the gym or out for a run or a biking sesh.

UA Sportsmask Now Available in PH 5

Photo from Under Armour

The UA SPORTSMASK is a reusable, water-resistant, and first-of-its-kind performance face mask designed to optimize breathing and provide maximum comfort. It reduces the spread of respiratory droplets by the wearer. The top of the mask features a moldable nose-bridge to secure it in place and mitigate airflow to the eyes, preventing glasses from fogging.

Verte Mask


Verte Masks take various things into consideration: physical health benefits, sophistication, comfort, affordability, and environmental consciousness. These protective face masks look great and come in bright colors, and they do not contribute to the continuous waste brought about by disposable face masks, either. They also ensure that you always get a comfortable fit with their masks that can be worn all day long, even during workouts.

Verte Mask Lifestyle 56 1 scaled e1613653873300

Photo from Verte Mask

Verte Masks create a secure and sleek seal around your face that acts as an effective barrier so you don’t need to worry about it slipping off of your face, creating gaps, or getting pulled off when you talk, either. Since it is easy to adjust, you can be sure that you won’t feel any ear strain after prolonged use.

Verte Mask’s products are beautifully detailed and carefully crafted, and are reusable and washable so you don’t have to keep buying new face masks. They also come in bright and subtle colors to suit your preference and style. They have versions available for kids, too! Stock up on Verte Masks on their official website, Rustan’s, Zalora, and Shopee!