LOOK: These Dogs Are Saved From The City Pound’s Scheduled Euthanasia!

Remember the article we wrote about the 19 dogs that were about to be put to sleep by the city pound?

Guess what? They’re all safe, sound and alive!

Thanks to the kindness of animal-loving people of Saint Roche’s Haven of Love, these dogs were saved! According to the Facebook post of Robie de Guia, nine of the dogs are now under the care of the foundation and are already transferred to their new home while the remaining ten dogs are adopted by other kind-hearted families.

In his post, Robie also mentioned that all these wouldn’t be possible without the help of Maribeth Alagon and Fernaline Limcaco who immediately informed them about the situation. The well-known couple and Saint Roche’s board members, Joey Mead King and Angie Mead King, together with other concerned individuals, also donated a generous amount for the construction of another house for these newly rescued dogs.

Read his full post below.


Saint Roche’s haven of love home for the abused and abandoned animals thanks all those who donated and helped in facilitating the transfers of these dogs to our home. They were about to be killed last Saturday by a city pound when Maribeth Alagon with Fernaline Limcaco messaged us right away. Then we panicked and asked people for help.

Joey Mead King and Angie Mead King for the nakakagulat na amount for the construction of their home so we can accommodate more since we just brought in another 5 two weeks ago. Sugar Perez for the dog food! Vohne Yao for the quick delivery via Pet WarehouseAnd another angel, who doesn’t want her name posted for donating 5,000php.

And a lot of others who adopted the remaining 10 dogs. Thanks to everyone’s effort we SAVED 19 lives this week. To the board of trustees of Saint Roche’s Haven Of Love, thanks for the quick action: Raja Menghrajani, Anisha Gidwani Menghrajani, Joey Mead King, Vince Golangco and Amrit Gidwani.”

Look at how happy these dogs are! We’re so glad that these fur babies had a chance to have better lives.

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