LOOK: These Desserts are Surefire Happy Pills!

If I had a pill that could make me happy, I would share it with the whole world.  If you could eat rainbows ad clouds, heaps of your favorite chocolates, and have your Pinterest dreams come true – and taste even better, then you absolutely have to check out this kind of happy pill.

Happy Pill Desserts caught my surfing eye’s attention with their pretty feed of pretty top loaded cakes. There was one cake with a generous topping of sorts (actual candies still in their wrappers, marshmallows, chocolates sticking out) that caught my eye; but as I looked closer, I saw that the cake part wasn’t really cake, but was actually really big cookies! Matching with dripping chocolate syrup on the sides, arrgghh it deliciously took my always-hungry breath away.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you… the Signature Hefty Hunk Cookie Cake:

whein in manila happy pill desserts 1

Its got everything to make you happy.

whein in manila happy pill desserts 2

The Hefty Hunk Cookies are the building blocks of the Hefty Hunk Cookie Cakes, which you can order separately. You’ve got :

Hot Chocolate

Classic Chocolate Chip

Nutella Peppermint

Red Velvet Cheesecake


Dark Chocolate Reeses

whein in manila happy pill desserts 6

whein in manila happy pill desserts 4

Soft and delicious, these big cookies come with a big heart behind it. Jen, the boss-mom behind Happy Pill Desserts, regards kitchen time as her me-time. That’s where she puts in her love for baking and creating.

As she makes customers happy with her desserts, she comes back to her husband and child happier, as well. If the baker is happy, then you know a lot of love has been put in her cookies and cakes – and the world is a little better.  That bagged Happy Pill Desserts a spot on the Top 20 Favorite Desserts of 2017.

Speaking of dessert, take a sneek peak at the Philippines’ first ever dessert museum here.

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The Signature Cookie Cake came into fruition when she needed an emergency cake for her husband. She used her base design for cakes into a stack and voila! Its smaller than the usual cakes, but definitely not small enough for sharing!

I personally love it because of the handy size and beautiful modern and quirky edible art.  Had my son share it with his 16 other classmates and it was enough! Check out the other designs below.whein in manila happy pill desserts 5 e1517690012836 whein in manila happy pill desserts 7 e1517690054486

Prices for products range from Php450 – Php900

And because Happy Pill Desserts wants to spread a little more happiness in the world, they are giving away THREE (3) Signature Hefty Hunks Cookie Cakes and FIVE (5) Boxes of Hefty Hunks Cookies! (delivery within Metro Manila only).

Join the Rafflecopter giveaway below.  Just like their facebook page, and comment on this blog post, telling us what makes you happy!

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When in Manila, let Happy Pill Desserts be one of the reasons for you to be happy!

Happy Pill Desserts

New Manila, Quezon City


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HappyPillDesserts

Instagram: @HappyPillDesserts