Sneak Peek of the Philippines’ Dessert Museum

If you love desserts, this is the place for you!

Designed with all the sweet things that you love, you are sure to a great time at South East Asia’s very first Dessert Museum.

Located at S Maison Conrad in Pasay City, the Dessert Museum consists of 12,000 square feet of dessert heaven. It is a mixture of a museum and a playground where you can have an interactive experience. You can follow the candy rabbits to fulfill your magical food-filled fantasies and go through candy cane groves, marshmallow rain, and through a cotton candy forest.

Dessert Museum Manila 54

With 8 mouthwatering rooms to tickle your tastebuds, The Dessert Museum is the ultimate paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. The first room that we got to check out was the Donut Room, which is located right after the main entrance. The main entrance of it is also a giant donut that you can slide down to head to your donut fantasies.

Dessert Museum Manila 2

With donuts hanging from the ceiling, the donut room is definitely paradise for those who can’t live without its sugary frosting.

Dessert Museum Manila 1

You can take photos under the donut decors or against the beautiful backdrops. Get ready for a quick tour, too, as the guides give you a brief background of each favorite dessert.

Dessert Museum Manila 7

The second room is where your fluffy dreams will turn into reality.

Dessert Museum Manila 21

Hanging from the ceiling are more than 10,000 marshmallow decors that looks like rain – the perfect backdrop for your next profile photo!

Dessert Museum Manila 10

The best part of this room is that you’ll get your dose of sugar from a huge marshmallow container nearby – next to a chocolate fountain!

Dessert Museum Manila 28

If you love gummy bears, you can play around with these giant ones!

Dessert Museum Manila 29

You can also jump on the trampolines along with the gummies and balloons.

Dessert Museum Manila 36

Opposite the Gummy Bear Room is the giant gumball machine, which you can enter to play around and swirl like your favorite gum.

Dessert Museum Manila 33

The next room is actually called the Room of Never-Ending Bubbles because as soon as you enter it, you will be greeted by thousands of them. You can also try to get inside a giant one!

Aside from the beautiful rooms, you will also get the chance to try different dessert samples carefully picked by the creators to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Donut Room, Gummy Bear Room and Room of Never Ending Bubbles are just 3 out of the 8 Dessert Rooms. You are in for a sweet, sweet treat here – so sweet that you may even get a sugar overdose, but who cares? This place is definitely one to check out!

The Pink Tickets for The Dessert Museum are currently already available and the Grand Opening will be on February 10, 2018! This 2-hour sugar coated adventure’s online rate is Php699 and Php799 for walk-ins.

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