LOOK: These Are Some Amazing Photos of ‘Streets of Manila’

A collection of images of Metro Manila, Streets of Manila gives us a glimpse of city life for the regular folk.

From photos of sunsets to snaps of your daily commute, Streets provides daily content that every city dweller can relate.

Manila Sunset

manila sunset

Taken over a year ago at the Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard, a subject-rich area for street photography. The area is full of interesting people, both local and foreigners waiting for the breath-taking sunset at Manila Bay. The dusk was about to come in when I saw this elderly man, alone and possibly contemplating about his day or maybe just resting and enjoying the cold breeze… when day and night meet, where the land kisses the sea.

Kapit Ulilang Kawayan

kapit ulilang kawayan

Literally translated as orphaned bamboo, this is possibly one of the saddest street signs I’ve seen in the city.

Uuwi Kang Mandirigma

uuwi kang mandirigma



A snapshot of people weary from a long day. Shot at a light railway station somewhere in manila. After a long day at work, the last thing they need is a massive flight of stairs.

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